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    Finally got my decorations up

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    Call shot call safe in 9 ball

    I was watching Efren vs Earl Battle of Legends and they said the game was Call Shot Call Safe. I thought 10 ball was the call shot counterpart of 9 ball. And it sounded like if a guy missed a shot and didn't call safe, the incoming player could give the ball back if he didn't like what he saw...
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    Not getting any better?!

    So I've been shooting a lot and, while every aspect of my game is getting better, my results are not showing much improvement. I've been playing seriously for the past year and I am not at the level where it should be so hard to improve. I struggle to beat players that do not impress me. Somehow...
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    How many people here play with a fancy custom cue?

    I've been admiring the custom cues and was wondering how many people play with them as a main cue. I guess I have a bit of a thing where I can appreciate the utility of a good cue and I can appreciate the art and craftsmanship of these customs but for some reason I don't want both in the same...
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    LD shaft recommendation.

    So, I'm starting to use sidespin and figure I should make the move to an LD shaft. The problem is I am reluctant to drop $200+ for something I may not like. I'm also a little confused about the exact benefits. In this article ( he discusses Bob...
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    Pocket repair?

    I have an Olhausen table with the leather mesh pockets. The leather around the steel frame is splitting. I plan on refurbishing the table in a few months (felt and new cushions with tighter pockets) and will probably bite the $280 bullet then. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to cover the...