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    Have full size Hightower lathe for local sale

    I sent you an email several days ago asking some questions and explaining how to pm.
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    Brunswick Anniversary Rails

    Will these fit a GC1?
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    Sold Bob Owen Cues

    Very nice looking cue. What does the extension look like?
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    Build Me A Break Cue

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Build Me A Break Cue

    I would like to have made a dedicated break cue. No jump necessary. 58" in length 24 or so ounces Nothing fancy. No thick taper shafts. Maybe purple heart. I would like it the same size from the butt to the start of the forearm or maybe even a bit of a reverse taper to help with grip while...
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    WTB 62" ish cue

    Still looking
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    WTB Barioni Cue

    I bought one. Stock Number: #050517-3. Still looking for others. Im also looking for a longer 62" cue. Not Barioni although I would buy one if he made one that long
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    WTB Barioni Cue

    He tried to sell a cue that was sold in 2016 as his own. Said he bought it new 6 months and 2 weeks ago but now must pay for his grandmothers hospital bills so he will sell it for 983 shipped to my address. I can share screenshots if necessary.
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    WTB Barioni Cue

    Scammer by the name bornlovely772 tried to get me.
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    Looking a new cue maybe

    Bob Danielson
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    Gold Crown 3 restore

    What a great looking table.
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    WTB Barioni Cue

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    WTB Barioni Cue

    Anyone have one for sale?
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    WTB 62" ish cue

    If you ever decide to sell let me know.
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    WTB 62" ish cue

    Who built the cue you play with?
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    WTB 62" ish cue

    Any1 have one they would like to sell?
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    Sold GO-SL Custom Fiber Shaft - 3/8-10, 12.5mm, 30"

    Do you know the joint diameter ?
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    What is the joint dia and length? I'm looking for .855
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    Sold Dunkel 60" custom cue

    Dunkel is well know in his area and build a very nice cue. He currently has a 2 year wait list.
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    How to make a carbon fiber shaft more slick?

    I have used it and all I can say is try it. Let us know what you think.