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    Looking for a Kamui tip installer in Maryland

    Looking for recommendations for a good Kamui tip installer in Maryland. I'm in Westminster, about halfway between Baltimore and Frederick. Thanks.
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    OB2 Shaft 3/8-10 for sale or trade. Would like to trade for an OB1.

    I'd like to trade this OB2 shaft for an OB1 or OB1+. The shaft is in great shape, with no dings, and rolls straight. It still has the original tip on it, which could probably stand to be replaced. There's a little blue discoloration from chalk, which I'm sure will clean right up, but I've never...
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    Simonis scraps in tournament blue

    I'm wondering if anyone has any Simonis scraps they'de be willing to part with. Primarily I'm going to make break clothes from them, so I don't need anything too large. Thanks!
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    Tip replacement recommendation?

    I need to find a good installer for new tips, specifically Kamui soft. I'm considering using, but have no experience with their services. Can anyone recommend them, or anyone else? I might also try to find someone local. I'm in the Baltimore/DC area. Thanks!
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    Delta-13 Elite in Black

    SOLD shipped and paypalled. This rack arrived new, today. I've racked balls with it one time. Everything is included. The rack is in near flawless condition. I came with 2 very small and light surface scratches in the aluminum, which I show in the 2nd picture. They cannot be felt with your...
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    Advice for new 14.1 player?

    So, I've decided I want to play straight pool! For 25 years I've been primarily a 9-ball player. I've mixed in a little 8-ball and One pocket at times, but 9-ball is my comfort zone. I'd say I'm an A- 9-ball player. I'm a 7 in APA 8-ball leagues, and playing the ghost I can run out probably 6-7...
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    Pull/Snag in Simonis 860

    I bought a GC IV about 3 weeks ago. I had new Simonis 860 installed. I inspected the table and cloth after install and everything was flawless. Since then I've play 2-6 hours a day, every day, which I imagine is pretty light use for new cloth. I really baby the table. I shoot absolutely no jumps...
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    House due recommendation

    I'm buying my first table for the home and am putting together a game room. Does anyone have recommendations for a reasonably priced but well made and decent hitting cue for friends? Thanks!
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    Need help valuing a Predator

    Hi, I'm thinking of selling my old Predator, and need some help placing a value on it. It is a 1996 Series 314-4, which makes it a first edition, I believe. The cue is in good shape, but has been well used and has been my main player for 10 years or so. There are some blemishes on the butt...
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    Schon Cue ID

    Hey, I'm looking at a used Schon on eBay. I've look through every single pic on the palmer collection ID pages, as well as all currently available models, but can't ID this particular cue. Anyone know what this is...