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    Sold Vintage Frey.

    Cool vintage Frey fancy sneaky for sale. Butt 15.34 oz. 29” 3/8x10 Katalox into straight grain maple with tulipwood sleeve would be my guess. Shaft 12.5 mm 3.63 oz. 29” Shaft 12.5 mm 3.6 oz. 29” Cue is 25-30 years old and still dead straight. Awesome player. $650 shipped conus. Text for...
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    Bocote Mariposa Player.

    Priced to sell. I have a mint Mariposa for sale. Brand new cue. Test hit. Plays great. 14.75 oz. . Butt 29.5” wood pin Shaft 12.75mm 3.5 oz. 29.25” Straight together and apart.
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    Sold Vintage Jensen widow for sale or trade

    Older logo Jensen. Rosewood Merry Widow with maple windows in butt sleeve. butt 17.64 oz 29” straight 5/16x14 ss joint. shaft 3.4 oz 12.5 mm 29” straight. phenomenal player. DM for pics. $800 shipped conus.
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    Sold Scott Gracio Merry Widow

    African Olivewood Merry Widow. Butt 16.35 oz. Shaft 12.7mm 3.93 oz. both pieces spin straight on my rollers. few dings throughout. Quite a few by the butt cap. Wrap is slightly off by the butt sleeve. priced to sell I can email pics. SOLD
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    Sold Barely used 4x8 JB

    Black 4x8 JB case with blue interior in like new condition. barely used. Pm or email for pics. $SOLD shipped conus.