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    WTB McDaniel Shaft

    Looking for a Bill McDaniel Shaft 12.8- 13mm. Black Collar w/ One Silver Ring. Must be straight and in good condition.
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    Need help...

    I accidentally CRACKED (Split) the BUTT CAP for my Bill McDaniel Cue. I Missed a shot and " lightly punched" the cue into the carpeted floor and it Split... FYI. To my fellow pool players, Don't do this. Can anybody repair or make me a replacement Butt Cap...
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    WTB: 3/8 x 10 "Big Pin"

    Hi AZ'ers Looking for 3/8 x 10 SHAFT. Must be BIG PIN. (McDermott does NOT fit... Hole to small.) Preferably Black Collar with BRASS RING. Straight and no wobble. Thanks for Looking.
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    New AZB Format

    Is anybody having any trouble adjusting to this new format ? It looks like a BAD ACID TRIP... I wish AZB will revert back to the old format...
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    OMEGA DPK CUE... Markings ?

    Can anybody confirm if OMEGA/ DPK cues have any Markings, insignia's or LOGO's on the cue ? I'm lead to believe OMEGA's doesn't. I'm reluctant to buy any cue with NO Markings on it. If anybody knows, please let me know. Regards
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    Brand new super aramith pro tv cup

    F/S Brand New Set of Super Aramith Pro TV CUP. UNOPENED. Still in BOX and wrapped in cellophane. TV CUP comes with Pink & Lt Brown (Alternate Colors) Balls with Red Dot Measle Cue Ball. $210 including FREE Shipping . Send Payment via PAYPAL as Gift or "to...
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    McDaniel Shaft only..

    Looking for Bill McDaniel Shaft. 5/16 x 14 . Black collar w/ Silver Ring. Must be straight.:thumbup:
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    McDaniel Shaft only..

    WTB SHAFY ONLY. One, Bill McDaniel SHAFT (5/16 X 14). Black collar w/ Silver Ring. 13mm. Must be straight and clean