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  1. Colormegone2002

    PPV-$25,000 Added 48th Annual Tx Open (9 Ball - One Pocket) Aug. 23-29th, 2021

    Is there anyway to use PP to pay for this?
  2. Colormegone2002

    Pro players' "other" jobs

    How about Dennis Hatch? He owns a car lot and worked concrete for a while,didn't he?
  3. Colormegone2002

    Matchroom Predator Championship League Pool

    Thanks for letting me know
  4. Colormegone2002

    Matchroom Predator Championship League Pool

    Why do they not show table 1? I can only watch table 2. I apologize if this has been discussed and I missed it
  5. Colormegone2002

    Best Way To Remove Gold Crown Formica?

    Thats a very nice job sir!!
  6. Colormegone2002

    Best Way To Remove Gold Crown Formica?

    Very nice job Jack Z. That looks great
  7. Colormegone2002

    Best Recovering Method for an Amateur?

    Maybe one day we'll have time to talk about the glue down I've done a few so far and turned out fine but maybe I just got off easy. Been 2 years and still no problems. I don't take it as bashing but any more info I take in will just help me learn a bit more. I just do this stiff as favors for a...
  8. Colormegone2002

    Best Recovering Method for an Amateur?

    Go to and get the dvds on there, absolutely the best for both methods
  9. Colormegone2002

    PPV-47th Annual Tx Open 9 Ball Championships Plus 1 Pocket Oct 28-Nov 1st

    when will the last game be played tonight?
  10. Colormegone2002

    2007 Lucasi

    Signed by the 2013 Mosconi team. 19 oz. Straight together and apart. Still in great shape. Asking $550 Money back guaranteed. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  11. Colormegone2002

    League pool

    I have a friend that plays league every week and I try to ask him a few questions about it but he's new at it. Where does all the money go that is made from league play? I know this has probably been discussed but I hate searching and if no one wants to answer,that's fine. It just seems like...
  12. Colormegone2002


    Is anyone else having problems with watching?
  13. Colormegone2002

    MIH update

    Can anyone post updates periodically please. I'm stuck at work Thanks if you can
  14. Colormegone2002

    Kremlin Cup

    several live tables
  15. Colormegone2002

    Clausing lathe 5439

    I have a friend that has one of these he will sell me for what seems a reasonable fee. I don't know anything about lathes at all but I'd like to learn enough to just be able to do a few things for my self. If any of you guys can advise me on this, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks. Oh, btw...
  16. Colormegone2002

    RKC or Jack

    I need to talk to Glen or Jack , I'm a diy'er if you see this, please message me. I need a few set up questions answered if you can find the time to talk, please pm me on here or if possible leave a contact number or email. Thanks, I will post my...
  17. Colormegone2002

    helping me price a table

    I have found a Brunswick model called 20th Century.It's the mahogany veneered.Appears to be in very good shape and cmes complete.It's only the table as far as I know. Is it worth buying and about what can I expect would be a good deal on it? Also,if anyone is interested, I will be selling this...
  18. Colormegone2002

    Losing weight

    Hi guys,Quick question.Hopefully someone will be able to give me a quick answer. I have found a cue I like,problem is,it's too heavy for my liking and it has no weight bolt. Wood= Curly Koa widow with a little ivory. I'd like to know how it could be lightened by 1 oz or possibly more. If...
  19. Colormegone2002

    Rebuilt rails by JZ

    Well,it took me a good while to get my ducks in a row and and get a plan made with Jack Zimmerman (JZMechanix) but I FINALLY was able to do so. Jack is as straight as an arrow and will help you decide which way to go when you are wanting rail or table work done. I decided on delivering the...
  20. Colormegone2002

    pocket nails

    has anybody got any pocket nails lying around? And also any decent shape Gandy Big G pockets? Thanks in advance for any help. I will pay the shipping