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  1. riedmich

    Avid shafts/cues from Cuetec?

    I was curious about these new avid cues, and I bought one before ~ 8 weeks. From the first stroke I liked the balance very much, but added some weight, now it is at 19,7 oz, perfect to me. The tip of the shaft was at other cuetec shafts something that I changed always very quickly, these everest...
  2. riedmich

    Do carbon fiber shafts make the game easier?

    Yes you are right when you state that in the past times many decades back, there were no carbn shafts like today. What I want to say is: The Pros play that kind of stuff where they get sponsoring for. And yes I think that carbon is much more than a small wave, because it is im my eyes prooved...
  3. riedmich

    Do carbon fiber shafts make the game easier?

    I think that decribes pretty good why amateurs may have e benefit from using LD shafts in comparison to professionals who know how to stroke and aim properly. In my opinion the most important is a relyable stroke in order to hit the white exactly where you intend to hit and exactly with the...
  4. riedmich

    Do carbon fiber shafts make the game easier?

    I think that most professional player are playing modern LD shaft, because most of these top players have sponsoring contract with the cue brands that want to sell the LD stuff. Look at the level that Strickland, Bustamante, Reyes and all the other older players had, they showed their beste game...
  5. riedmich

    Do carbon fiber shafts make the game easier?

    +/- 3 mm straightness at a pool shaft is totally shit quality! +/- 1 mm is even a bad tolerance window..
  6. riedmich

    Do carbon fiber shafts make the game easier?

    That's very likely related to a pretty low level of quality insurance during production process..
  7. riedmich

    Southwest cues - reasons for their popularity

    Hi together, I'm wondering why southwest cues are such exspensive. In first instance: It's the market, that's clear. But besides the market effects, there must be reasons WHY this market situation is so extreme at southwest. So, what is the difference of southwest, is there anything that makes...
  8. riedmich

    Hypothesis: playing the tip you're used to is much mor important than any other mater

    Hypothesis: playing the tip you're used to is much mor important than any oth... Hi guys, after a couple of years playing pool billiard, playing different shafts from 11 to 13 mm, LD or no LD, differnet buts, weights, balance etc., I'm announcing now my personal theory of what is most...
  9. riedmich

    Air between tennon and ferrule

    Bought a used breaker before o couple of weeks and was wondering why it felt so dead. While breaking it had a bad energy transfer although it was stiff enough. So I decided to cut the ferrule half of the length, and what I saw was not a surprise. The ferrule was capped and the bore inside for...
  10. riedmich

    Female cuebuilders

    Does anybody know if there are also female cuebilders that should be regarded?
  11. riedmich

    Radial pin

    Hi guys, I need a new shaft for my break cue, but don't know who was the cuemaker. It has a radial pin, but it doesn't fit to the radial of a friend's radial cue. The diameter is not the problem, it is the pitch that is slightly different. So I want to ask, if there are different radials and...
  12. riedmich

    Kamui ~ Step to how to install clear tip.

    Just installed a new samsara break tip without lathe.
  13. riedmich

    FS: New Schaller wrapless

    Here my cork bumper, very simple. Love it. Fixed with PVAc glue.
  14. riedmich

    G10 material: what is it??

    Yesterday I took a G10 tip off from a break cue. As some her know I don't have a lathe, so I removed the G10 tip with a rasp. As usual some filings from G10 fell onto my upper leg that has never been a problem. But with this G10 material after a few minutes I recognized that the filings some...
  15. riedmich

    Kamui ~ Step to how to install clear tip.

    Very nicely done. Very similar I do also the tips and pads. With the right knive it is also no problem installing phenolic tips. This one I did today on an old Z shaft.
  16. riedmich

    Your Favorite Wrapless Player

    This one. Cem
  17. riedmich

    Bandage of Earl Strickland / Hurt in the lower arm

    Hi guys, in the last weeks i often have a hurt in my left lower arm (the cuestick i grip with the right hand). So I'm wondering if the hurt may be caused by an overload of the muscels / sinews. Maybe the permanent strecht of the left arm gives an overload? Does anybody know the reason why Earl...
  18. riedmich

    Predator 314 1st generation

    Hello, does anybody know if the predator shaft 314 /1 (314 1st generation) has also a drill-hole in the front end area as the 314/2 (314 2nd genereation, existing model) has?? A friend of mine said that his 314/1 wouldn't have a drill-hole, and I was surprised. Maybe he is wrong?? Before a...
  19. riedmich

    Cocobolo with textured birch

    Her is my new cue from Cem. length of butt 76 cm, shafts 75 cm total length 59,5 " weight 19,2 oz, diameter buttend 31,3 mm fullcore pretty hard playing :-)
  20. riedmich

    Pictures from cocobolo plain janes

    Yesterday I received my new cuestick. Not exactly like the draft. I'm happy now, I think it is a nice and pretty unique design. Plays also great. :-) The woods are cocobolo and a textured birch from finnland.