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  1. powerlineman80

    Question (Help!)

    This may sound stupid but I have a question me and my brother ran into shooting straight pool the other night and we gave up after 30 minutes of searching and just started back up. Here was the scenario: I was shooting into a 4 ball combo with the 4 on the end and what I called into the corner...
  2. powerlineman80

    Judd JT-1

    Still searching for a Judd JT-1, doesn't matter which style and would take with one shaft or two. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Many thanks!!
  3. powerlineman80

    Pat Diveney help

    Hello all, I have talked to Pat on FB about making me a cue and his current time and all fits what I’m looking for as well as his cues as they show he’s top notch it seems. I guess I’m just looking for reinsurance that he is as good as he seems and to hear from those of you that own his cues or...
  4. powerlineman80

    Felt and rail help

    Hello everyone, been here a while and haven't posted in a while either. My brother owns a table (not a high dollar table) but after 15 years, the rails have FINALLY had enough. Well here is my question though... He has decided he wanted either Mali, Gorina, and Simonis. I'm trying to talk...
  5. powerlineman80

    Looking for a Judd JT-1

    Doesn't matter which version of the JT-1 you have, I am looking for either version. I only want one that is perfect, don't care to buy one that I have to work on. Please PM me if you have anything. I haven't been around for a while but I have folks that will vouch for me if need be. I just...
  6. powerlineman80

    Custom Cases

    I'm looking to buy a 3x6 custom case thats simple, but I also want it personalized. My J&J case thats a 3x6 doesnt hold custom cues well and with one on that way in the near future I need something else. I'm just looking for a good custom leather case that will protect my cues. No fancy...
  7. powerlineman80

    Mike Sigel Cues

    I have a quick question.... I was looking around the Pawn Shops locally and thought I hit paydirt until I pulled more than the buttcap out of the case. It was a Mike Sigel Cue made by some cheapo company I'm sure. I can get pics after Spring Break is over (or if I can get out while the ol...
  8. powerlineman80

    Cue FT Meucci 95-17

    For those that might not know its a copy of the O-1, and I think it also had a number of OL-1 too but not sure. This cue is the 95-17 version, which was the last I think. It has just been refinished by Proficient Billiards with one shaft with a brand new Moori Soft that has been put on and...
  9. powerlineman80

    My new Jim Lee (in progress)

    Here is the first two pics of my Jim Lee Titlist Tribute Cue I wanted. Curly Maple Forearm 4 Tulipwood Points w/MOP Diamond in each point Titlist veneers Solid Black Leather wrap Tulipwood Butt Sleeve Hoppe Ring Black Butt Cap Elforyn Joint with single black stripe on shaft and under the joint...
  10. powerlineman80

    LTT 95-17 Bushka style Meucci

    It is the one in my avatar. Still not sure I'll sell or trade but I just want to see what people will offer. Cue was just refinished by Proficient Billiards right before I bought it from Marcus. The shaft was about 12.35mm I think he told me. Cue weighs around 19.1oz. Has a smooth leather...
  11. powerlineman80

    Quilted Maple Cues

    I've seen a few cues lately that were all Quilted Maple and was wondering a price on them. Can any makers or any sellers here help me out? I'm looking for one thats ALL Quilted with heavy grain. The rings we can worry about later:D Somebody help a brother out. I want to buy now, but it...
  12. powerlineman80

    Pool Room Help-Du Quoin Illinois

    Heading up to Du Quoin Illinios in April and was wondering if anyone knew about this town and if there are any good pool rooms around. Not looking for any action and dont want to have to go anywhere where I need my gun:thumbup: Any help is appreciated!
  13. powerlineman80

    WTB-Meucci Joint Protectors

    I'm looking for 2 sets of Black Joint Protectors for Meucci Cues. Looking for the Black Ones that are rounded at the top. They are cheap I know but I need some. I also need some for my J&J Break/Jump Cue. I need a set of them as well. Koinkid (Troy) said he has them for $11 so I'll probably...
  14. powerlineman80

    J&D Custom Cues (Jim Lee)

    I have Jim Lee's myspace page back up and going now. We now have OVER 300 pictures of the cues Jim has made or done work on over the years. I just added some of a Wenge buttsleeve he is inlaying that looks awesome. Feel free to shoot a friend request or even ask questions there as I myself or...
  15. powerlineman80

    SIAP: Quilted Maple Forearms

    Lets see em!
  16. powerlineman80

    Jim Lee Cues Part 2

    Well it has come time for me to get another Jim Lee Custom. I finished my drawings last night to what I wanted and sent to Jim and waiting his reply by email or phone. Will post pics of construction like last time and am ready to get this thing rolling. My wants: 3/8x10 pin Tiger Curly Maple...
  17. powerlineman80

    Meucci going back to old shafts?

    SIAP What do yall think? A marketing tactic or actually true??
  18. powerlineman80


    Anyone know where he is? I tried to send him a PM and it said he either doesnt allow or cant. Is he still around? I promised him some DVD's that I'm finally ready to send to him and wanted to let him know. If wrong forum sorry and please move. Thanks!
  19. powerlineman80

    WTB: Anything Efren Reyes Autographed Related

    I'm looking for anything signed by Efren Reyes. I'm not looking for cue balls or sticks that are signed, just memorabilia like pictures and stuff like that.
  20. powerlineman80

    Atlanta poolhalls

    I'm coming to Atlanta this Saturday for the Alabama/Clemson game at the Georgia Dome. Is there any poolhalls near the Dome? I'm taking the MARTA train in so it has to be in close walking distance.