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  1. paksat

    Stream to Mosconi cup anyone?

    Does anybody know someone like ustream that will be showing it?
  2. paksat

    SVB runnin 7 pack in the clash of titans

    I think it's a 7 anyway i'm sure a lot have found their way over to this, but for those that haven't badda boom badda bam
  3. paksat

    SVB vs Earl from DCC one pocket just went up

    link -
  4. paksat

    It's up boys and girls, SVB in the clash of titans match

    youtube link
  5. paksat

    Check out this nice vid

    Happy belated SVB
  6. paksat

    Support pool! As you scroll down, you can see that inside pool is starting to rent these videos out for just 99 cents. If any of you truly want to pool to grow, this...
  7. paksat

    How tight is three and a quarter inch pockets?

    Pretty simple question I would think.. thoughts? EDIT: (diamond 9 foot)
  8. paksat


    Uploaded with
  9. paksat

    Need a table mechanic near north central FL

    So I ran into a barbox 8 footer the other day for only a $100. Couldn't pass it up, now I need someone to come out here and do what they can and tell me what's needed etc. Anyone in the area or near the area?
  10. paksat

    Purchasing table

    I may be about to purchase a barbox table here this afternoon. Is this thing impossible for an amateur to put together? What about taking it apart if they won't deliver?
  11. paksat

    How many of you know who this

    fine player is?
  12. paksat

    how about some of the great comments during the match

    I have one of them as a new sig line down below when earl busted the ones he had. Also heard justin say something close to the like of "you know when you look back at your life and where you've been and where you've come and you realize here I am watching a 50 year old with a javelin in his...
  13. paksat

    SVB vs Regli Also up

    For those of you that enjoyed the jungo vs SVB matchup, this is the second(?) challenge match they did in Switzerland. The first few parts are worth noting, shane hits a gear. Just FYI
  14. paksat

    Thought i'd let you guys know.. SVB vs. Jungo is up

    SVB vs dimitri jungo race to 50 for I believe 20 grand. This isn't part 1 but i'm sure you know how to get there from here
  15. paksat

    Giving credit where credit is due

    First off let me state that I'd like it if the mods allowed this to be kept in the public forum for a few days before moving it to the appropriate location ( cue reviews )... I ask because of the vast amount of people that visit these pubs on a day to day basis. About a month and a half ago I...
  16. paksat

    347 viewing main forum..

    When I first registered on these forums the average number of people viewing the main forum was between 90 and 120 generally. Last night while on the phone I checked the forums and was surprised to see 347. Hell right now alone there's 224 viewing... Pool getting popular again? :grin::wink:
  17. paksat

    Do you switch up cues once in a while?

    So my old trusty sneaky pete has usually been a decent player up until recently. All of a sudden the last couple times i've been out to play with it.. blah to say the least. Way to whippy, feeling out balance, all of the above. I went and got an old players I use to use out of the closet...
  18. paksat

    Question for jay or anyone that's been to phillipines

    I was wondering how much the american dollar is worth over there? Someone told me $6,000 over here is like 27,000 pesos over there. How much is a peso worth? Like say how many pesos does it take to buy a beer for instance? If it's a good amount, me and some peeps are taking our pool sticks and...
  19. paksat

    How do you deal with this?

    What's the best way to go about playing people that are more out to intimidate you/prove their dominance vs. just playing the game? Or better put how do YOU deal with these sorts of people. looking to get some different perspectives because I plan on gambling with one of these characters in an...
  20. paksat

    I've never seen someone get so hot in my life

    Yesterday, LTC for vegas APA.. Never have I ever seen someone get so unbelievably hot in my pool playing as of yet. In a race to 46 points, 11 of those points came on BANKSHOTS. He missed exactly one bank and only because it rattled in the jaws of the pocket. He made 3 in a row at one point...