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    43 to old to start?

    And I fell for the nearly two decades old thread without realizing it. Awesome lol
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    43 to old to start?

    This is spot on. APA and their handicap system needs players of all skill levels. You will see players much better than you, of your skill level and likely well below your skill level. If your asking if you can get good at that age, I’d say yes. You will probably never be a world champion, but...
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    Billys Response

    Y’all act surprised. You read the apology and watched the interview right? He looked about genuine in those as Rob did in the picture with BT
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    Can I make my lighting more even

    Flooded bulbs would help. Have you ever had different color cloth? I think the “spots” you are seeing are going to be so much more pronounced on dark cloth.
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    Billy Thorpe gone wild!

    “Are we not professionals? Are we not ******* professionals?” LOL seems like he answered that. If the rack is that far off, as he says, why not ask for another re-rack instead of crying about it after the fact.
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    Super bowl prize

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    Why tournament blue?

    I like playing on blue cloth best, but my home table is a light tan and I enjoy it too just doesn’t have that pool hall vibe (which is why the compromise was made to tan cloth :) )
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    Earl/Archer IPT 07 Match

    This match was brought up in night in a stream so I thought I would post. I love both of these players and there is some funny moments. First, Earl mentions his 17 years with cuetec and it destroying his game. Also, Johnny gets a little heated with Earl. Its a good quick watch...
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    Controlled Break Problems

    I have been working on my break heavily lately. My nine break, IMO is pretty dang good;). The problem is with my 8ball break. First, I line up just a ball off the center diamond and out just far enough for me to be comfortable. I am a short of the headstring. I'd don't have a break ap, but...
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    Venom on Sports Nation???

    Did anyone see sports nation's most recent show with there internet video clibs segment? I didn't catch the name but they show a few trick shots and it is very much Florian's style. Multiple masse's while the ball is moving ect. They said the person was in France, is Venom in France? If it...
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    Brunswick Bi-centenial balls

    So a player on my team brought a set of these to show me Tuesday. I guess a customer came in and gave them to him knowing he was into pool. I initially thought they were just an old cheap set of balls as I'm no expert and didn't recognize Hyatt. I didn't think much of it but I realized after...
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    Developing Pool Gear/Tools

    I'm starting this thread in search of help from all of you entrepreneurs that have created pool gear and related tools for the billiards industry. Recently, a friend came up with an idea that we think “has a shot”. I’m not at liberty to discuss his idea, as he asked me not to. We are both...
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    Blue Diamond Test Run

    So I was ordering some stuff from AZ B Marketplace and always like to try out something new or even gagets sometimes. So I picked up some Blue Diamond Chalk, actually with high anticipation after hearing all of the chalking miracles here in regards to Blue Diamond. :wink: Could I have been more...
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    DCC Advice in Advance

    Ok, this will be my first time ever at the DCC. I can't tell you how stoked I am already! Especially since it falls during my birthday, I'm sure it will be a good time. With that said, I need some advice from all you DCC seasoned vets. What days should I try to go(limited to three)? I'm only a...
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    Balance Point Opinion

    I'm just curious what you like in a cue as far as balance point? Sure, this is strictly opinion but just curious what everyone likes best. For me, my cue is right at 18.75" balance point and I like the way that feels. Lets hear it!
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    Pre Match Routine

    Here is my problem: Many times when I'm out shooting, whether its in a match or just playing someone for fun, it takes me 2-3 games to get what I feel like is in stroke. And if I have a long layover in a tournament or even between matches on a league night, I'm often right back to feeling...
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    GTF Prestige vs Replica

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the prestige and replica? They look they same but are priced different. Are the interiors the same? Does anyone have pics of the GTF interior? Thanks for the help!
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    Poison Jump Review

    Lately, I have been testing out different jump cues. Last week I was at Seyberts and got to hit for the first time with the new Poison jump cues. My review will be in many ways a comparison to the preditor air since it is no longer being made and I have spent adequate time using one. My pro's...
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    Playing to the level of competition?

    I know this has probably been covered. But this is by biggest and most frustrating downfall. Maybe it can be contributed to lack of consistency. I play with high skill level players on Friday and Saturday and I play very competitively... sure, they may take a few more games than I get but I...
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    Getting there...with questions

    Ok, Im a 14.1 rookie. I've been playing for about 2.5 years, or at least thats when I really got into pool. For the first year I played exclusively 8 and 9 ball and ventured into 1pocket. About six months ago I was introduced to 14.1 and tried it out. I must say my initial results were...