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    Could Joe Rogan help with pool?

    The list is mostly professors, nurses, and students. Health experts!
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    Boxers or briefs for 14.1

    Don't forget commando.
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    Older Brunswick two piece pool cue.

    Made by Dufferin. 70's or 80's, unsure. Look at similar Duffs for pricing.
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    How to make 3c cool?

    You mean anyone good or just anyone? My primary cue is a Kilby, I have both pool and carom shafts. The pool shafts have a conical taper also. Sometimes I think I hear thunder on a especially good strike, but maybe that's just the drugs...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Just protecting the hitch to keep the trailer from being jacked....
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    Question about Chicago, Illinois

    Kyle van den Bosch (Mariposa) has recently started making cues again. Should have gotten one back in the 90's....
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    No more cocobolo in Longoni cues

    It is toxic to work with, but don't know specifically why Longoni stopped.
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    Snooker and Carom tables?

    AE Schmidt as well. Peacock Billiards in Victoria BC has a lovely old Burroughes and Watts but don't know when it sailed over.
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    My personal gripe list buying on forums, or eBay.

    Bad photos increase the chance that I'm the first to find the sleeper. :p
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    Vintage cue ID help

    Found another thread. Ideologist, any luck that you have the AE Schmidt catalogs referenced, or just seen and remembered?
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    Vintage cue ID help

    I have the almost the same cue as the middle one, red veneer instead of blue, with the olive/brown case. Mint condition, closet queen. Glad y'all are less lazy than me about getting the darlings identified. :giggle: Only Schmidt cue catalog picture I am able to find is from 1969, not it.
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    Another One Bites The Dust…………But This Time It’s A Long Standing Pool Room.

    Skip and Jans. Used to be Tempe, now in Gilbert.
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    Do cue tips go bad over time?

    I've found 70's and 80's cues with what could have been the original tip. What failed (quickly) was the glue job. Don't know how to compare eight years to forty or fifty, but you say it seems to work so I wouldn't sweat it.
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    Going Out In Style

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    Advice, please.

    Where are you getting your information? Website is still up.
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    Why buy a custom cue over a national brand?

    Local makers are part of their community and support everyone else by doing repair work. I'm grateful to be lucky enough to drive a short distance and get anything at all done. He will be doing a conversion once I get off my ass and figure out the specs.
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    Tipping on table time?

    I tip solid to strong on table time. However, I don't eat or drink much because of diabetes, and also have worked tip jobs for the last thirty years.
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    Old Guard?

    Dallas West, perhaps?
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    What would you do here?

    Same. The position zone for B/A is large and easy to get to. Also keeps the 9 out of the way.
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    Willie Hoppe cue

    What a witty and informative reply! I don't claim to know anything about anything, just trying to help a brother out. Care to elaborate? That whole website is very interesting to me, lots of visual evidence that this guy *may* know something about these Hoppe cues.