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  1. tenfttall

    Looking for a Paragon Diamond

    I’m in Florida and I’m looking for a new or used Paragon. I know I can order from Diamond. Anyone have one for sale? Lane in Tampa Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. tenfttall

    2016 Wrapless Blue Grass cue

    6 point hi-lo wrapless Blue Grass up for sale. 15.2 butt, 4.1 shafts, both 13mm with the crisp hit of Micarta ferrules. Serial is SOLD IN AN ALL CASH TRANSACTION Thanks for the interest and the offers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. tenfttall

    Carbon Fiber shafts change hit from butt to butt

    I learned from a friend with a Revo that it hits differently when the butt is changed. I hadn't considered this before and haven't read too much about it. I tried a Revo across five SugarTrees, a Rick Howard, DPK and South West. Every single one hit differently. None of them hit as good as...
  4. tenfttall

    Omen Sneaky Pete - new from shop

    Gorgeous Cocobolo into nice BEM. 3x8/11 pin, phenolic collar w Curly Maple rings. Butt is 15.26 ozs., 3.89 oz shaft, LBM ferrule, unchalked Kamui Medium Black. Price is shipped priority CONUS only. Will trade for new or mint BK Rush. Not interested in any other trades. Lane in Tampa...
  5. tenfttall

    BK Rush of without a glove

    I may be wrong but I cannot recall anyone using a Revo without wearing a glove. I hate pool gloves. Is it workable to us a BK Rush without a glove? Thanks
  6. tenfttall

    Black marks on pool balls: solution

    I recently added a Red Label 9' Diamond Professional to my home with the standard black leather packets. Soon after, I noticed black marks were appearing on the pool balls. At first, I couldn't figure where they were coming from; I'm a little slow. They are coming from the dye on the black...
  7. tenfttall

    Looking for this SugarTree

    Anyone here know the cue and/or owner? Thanks, Lane in Tampa Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. tenfttall

    Red Label to Blue Label conversion -- Diamond Table

    If a Red Label Diamond is refurbished with brand new, 2018 rails from Diamond, does that make it play like a Blue Label table? If not, what would? Also, what is a Black Label Diamond? Does that exist?
  9. tenfttall

    Home 7ft Tables — other than Diamond

    After Diamond, who makes the best 7ft table for home use? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. tenfttall

    Shots, Moves and Strategies -- SOLD — GONE!

    $175 SHIPPED -- OR I have two copies of Eddie Robin's One Pocket Book: Shots, Moves and Strategies. One is in very good condition, has been read -- no notes, tears or other damage. The second copy is MINT, unopened and unread. It is pictured with the note from Eddie to me on a sticky in the...
  11. tenfttall

    Mint Rick Howard Cue! Wrapless Tulipwood/Cocobolo

    Gorgeous Tulipwood into dark Cocobolo with the sweet Rick Howard hit! 6 sharp points with 3 veneers, orange, natural and black. Cue is fresh from Rick's shop and MINT! pin is 3/8x11 butt is 16.69 oz. shaft one 13mm, LBM ferrule, 3.88 oz shaft two 13 mm, LBM ferrule, 3.80 oz -- unplayed This...
  12. tenfttall

    WTB: Big SugarTrees

    Looking for SugarTrees with recuts and/or points and scallops. Show me what you have! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. tenfttall

    WTT: South West Cue for Big SugarTree

    I have a 97 South West cue I’m interested in trading for a big SugarTree. Gaboon Ebony points and butt into BEM. Two veneers, black and natural. 2 shafts, rolls straight. There is NO pin wobble in the butt. One shaft is original and straight at 11.75mm. Second shaft is brand new at 12.75; just...
  14. tenfttall

    Let’s talk about spots (handicaps) when gambling....

    So I was wondering what everyone thought of this? I have seen, like others I’m sure, a video of Shane “grooving” his stroke and looking to the side before his final stroke and making the ball. It was a bar table and he was messing around, but he did not miss. I’ll call his “no peek.” Cliff...
  15. tenfttall

    Monster SugarTree!

    Monster SugarTree with 8 perfect hi-lo points of Goncola Alves and Maple, triple recut scallops of the same woods. Ebony forearm and butt, highly figured Goncola wrapless handle. The butt cap and half-Joint are made of fossilized whale bone. Eric told me his wife is Eskimo. On a trip to...
  16. tenfttall

    Wanted To Trade: SW and SugarTrees

    Do you have a couple of big South West and/or SugarTrees that you can't get what you want out of them due to the down market? Do you like classic Mercedes'? I have a 96k mile, 91 Mercedes 560SEC restomod with a massive list of receipts from reconditioning and modifications. It's just like the...
  17. tenfttall

    WTB Extra Shaft for Ed Young Cue

    Who can make me a new, matching shaft for my Ed Young cue? Anyone have an extra shaft with Ed's 24 silver squares design? ------------- DONE! Thanks to Steve Lomax for making my new shaft.