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  1. chevybob20

    Image test

    Test for size
  2. chevybob20

    Lasik Monovision

    I bumped an old thread started by "The Hungarian" on this subject but I am afraid that the aiming section is a path few follow. :D I'm looking for input from poolplayers who had Lasik (or contacts) that used a correction...
  3. chevybob20

    Mosconi Cup

    Just started on ESPN3. USA USA USA
  4. chevybob20

    The first ever three peat of the US Open

    Congratulations Shane!
  5. chevybob20

    US Amateur Championship Qualifier at Zingales

    Did anyone play in the qualifier held at Zingales in Tallahassee last weekend? Were the brackets full? I'm thinking about changing from Atlanta to Tallahassee next year. This would give my wife new scenery instead of sitting on a bar stool. She prefers not to drive in Atlanta. The place looks...
  6. chevybob20

    Chicago Has Extra Cops

    Wrong place.
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    US Bar Table Championships overall champ?

    Who won the overall at the US Bar Table Championships? Who were the top 5 and where is it posted if anywhere? How are the points earned and the champion determined?
  8. chevybob20

    Is this a Brunswick?

    If this is a Brunswick, what model is it and what is the approximate date of manufacture (range). It's not for sale, but what's it's vale by the book and real street value?
  9. chevybob20

    Mark "The Mongoose" Gregory strikes in Chattanooga, Tn

    My 1947 Brunswick Centennial Project is finally complete. This table was a basket case when I purchased it a year ago. Mark Gregory did an outstanding job. This table plays better than anything I've ever played on before. Mark replaced the subrails and installed Artemis cushions. The...
  10. chevybob20

    Tennessee State Championship

    Is anyone streaming the Tn. State Championships at JOB's? Are the brackets posted online?
  11. chevybob20

    Brunswick Centennial Cushions

    I have recently purchased a Centennial model C. I am planning to start to restore it later this year. What type/style of cushions does this table take? I would like to have Artemis brand cushions installed. I was told by a shaky source that K55 profile cushions fit this table without rail...
  12. chevybob20

    Went to have a new tip installed and...

    Got a new project. Take a guess.
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    Lag Question

    I am playing in a "In House" league that is set up like the Masters Division (Mix of 8 and 9 ball). On the lag, my opponent lagged his ball beyond the rail and into the jaws of the pocket without it dropping. His ball was beyond the end rail. I thought this was a loss, but I conceded anyway...
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    Test 1

  15. chevybob20

    Viking tour in Chattanooga

    I was wondering who is planning to show up at Double Hill Billiard Club in Chattanooga for the $2000 added event on Oct 4 & 5. It looks like there is an additional $500 dollar added event on the 5th.