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  1. soyale

    Replicating production cue ringwork ?

    Hello all, I have a “5280 gem03” that’s been modified with a 5/16x14p ss joint. The cue originally had a wood to wood joint, with some of the butts bocote extending passed the curly maple rings to join with the shaft. Now, the stainless joint is flush with the ring. This got me thinking it...
  2. soyale

    Wanted: inexpensive break cue / playing butt

    Hello all, From the sounds of it, all break cues are of the same quality until you get into the $300 range. I do not believe I am at the point in my game where that will help me, so I'm looking for something cheap to use instead of a house cue. I just want to play around with a harder...
  3. soyale

    Cohabiting space

    Not a room owner. Having a room of my own is more of a pipe dream than a reality. I have no business experience and have opened this thread purely in the sport of discussion. Theres’s a thread over on the main forum about pool rooms in downtown areas. A major consensus is that the sheer...
  4. soyale

    SOLD Wanted: JB rugged 2x3 / 3x4

    SOLD found one, thanks StrokeofLuck! ISO jb rugged 2x3 / 3x4 or similar. It can look worn; as long as it still keeps cues safe, i dont care much what it looks like. Offer up!
  5. soyale

    tru loc replacement shaft?

    5280 gem03 "unique tru-loc shaft" got chewed up by room mates dogs, trying to find a replacement only to find that the tru loc is out of production. not sure if theres somewhere i might find a replacement, or if a different type of shaft will...