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    Ebony Wrapless Sawdust Cue with maple and carbon fiber shafts

    Eight-point ebony on ebony Sawdust wrapless with green veneers, with a laminated maple handle. Specs: - 3/8x10 pin - 12.5mm CF shaft and 12.8mm maple shaft with matching ringwork - Green paua inlays with double silver rings at all positions - 18.5 to 19oz - Slim handle, forward balanced - 8”...
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    >>>>> Ebony 6-point Sawdust Custom w Flame Veneers

    Up for sale my new 8-point ebony cue with flame veneers and 2 shafts Sawdust Custom 2020 - Ebony with 6 points of ebony in flame veneers - Textured leather wrap - 2x shafts @ 12.8mm (solid straight grain maple) - 3/8 stainless steel pin - Double silver rings at all locations with ivorine and...
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    South West shaft compatibility

    I have a South West shaft that’s made in the 2010s which won’t fit a predate South West from the 80s. Is there a difference in pin diameter and how can I get the shaft altered to fit my cue? Already asked South West but I don’t think they will take this on.
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    Brand New Mike Li Ebony Blue Butterfly Cue with 3 shafts

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    Early 70s Joss West JW with flame veneers and 2 shafts

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    Damaged veneers

    I have recently acquired an early Joss West cue which has damaged veneers. Could it be repaired? Thanks in advance. molecular mass of al2o3
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    Looking for Uniloc Radial shafts

    PM me if you have one or several for sale that’s in the range of 13mm.
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    Pete Ohman / Omen Gaboon Ebony Merry Widow

    Omen solid nose gaboon ebony cue with 2 shafts (12.6mm and 12.2mm), SW style rings and genuine lizard leather wrap. Straight and 19.9oz. Solid ebony throughout with no weight bolt. Forward balance and very good power. Minor surface wear on forearm but nothing serious. You don’t see many...
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    WTB Cognoscenti cue

    Looking for a black Cog for under $1,000. PM me if you have one for sale.
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    ~~~~~~ Fancy South West style cue with yellow micarta shaft ~~~~~~

    Putting up for sale my cue made by a reputable maker in Taiwan that’s modeled after a fancy South West. Cue has a solid nose of exotic pink ivory wood with ebony and maple inlays in the forearm and buttsleeve. Great detail throughout. The weight on the butt is not adjustable as it’s sealed with...
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    Repair on a Schuler shaft

    My Schuler shaft's insert has come loose from the shaft, probably due to overtightening or a bit of dirt in the joint pin. I would have to retap the existing thread to install the insert back. But the issue is none of my taps fit the size. I am located overseas so shipping the cue back to US is...
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    Michael Pazzion Cues made by Mike Li

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    WTB: Meucci

    Posting for a buddy looking for a Meucci below $300 - preferably with 2 shafts that are upwards of 12.7mm. PM me if you have one for sale.
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    WTB: Predator Weight Bolt System

    Looking for the entire set. PM me if you have one to sell.
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    Steve Klein player

    ISO Steve Klein player with G10 pin. Let me know if you have one that you could part with. Thanks! PM me or email
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    For Trade / Sale: Oliver Stops Original for cue with Uniloc joint

    Am selling my Oilver Stops cue with 2 shafts purchased from Mark / saint1. Photos here: Cue is in the same condition as I received it. Shafts have a stiff, almost conical taper and not a ding on them. Ferrules are...
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    WTB: Predator P2 / P3 leopard curly

    Looking to buy a Predator P2 or P3 leopard curly cue with 314 / 314 gen 2 shafts. No z shafts. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks!
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    Looking for Schuler Cue

    Found one. Thanks very much to all who provided offers and suggestions.
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    F/S: Joel Davidas 2008 "Skull" Cue

    I am putting up for sale a unique cue made by Joel Davidas from the Philippines. This is not one of his ebay cues (JD cues) but commissioned and made to my specs with quality materials. It's cored with straight grain maple and is straight, inlays and rings are flush, points and veneer work good...
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    William Dominiak Custom Lacewood/Maple Wrapless Cue FS/FT

    Cue sold!!!