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    any windy city results

    anybody know the pro/am is going?
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    always thought u could!

    congrats sarah, i remember many years at the jrs. watching you grow into a champion. i'm just a hack these days but i can always say that the last time we played i beat u to get to the winner's at ride the nine. hope u continue to kick ass and if i make a return trip to the table, which is...
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    why do pool players always screw themselves?

    Now Pool Has The Most Profitabe Thing They Ever Had, the IPT, And They Are Already Dumping Matches Or Forfieting. Someday We Will Learn When There Is No More Options Left!
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    any idea about casino tourney in n> dakota?

    just curious
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    why pool is a great game!

    in clinton, iowa this weekend. i got to see a former world champion in scott kitto never miss a ball in 2 outta 3 sets against my brother, jesse bowman. scott has been out of serious competition for many years. he beat jess 5-0 for the winners side. jesse responded to beat him 5-0 in the...