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    American World Straight Pool Champion 2009?

    There are a few spots left in the World Straigt Pool Championship coming up later this August. With a sponsor, I could play this time around and give America an even better shot at taking this title...does anyone out there care? My record? The highest finishing American in the World 14.1...
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    FS: Cue Extension

    This is a wooden cue extension I bought at the US Open. It works well and does not scratch your cue. In great shape. 12 1/4" long adds 9" to cue. Asking $40 plus shipping PayPal, Postal Money Order, Bank Wire Transfer accepted. Cell: 323-445-8838
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    FS: SledgeHammer Break/Jump Beautiful!

    This is a pimped out Sledgehammer break/jump cue. It is straight and works great. It has a thin water buffalo tip on top of the phonalic (sp?) ferrule. The WB tip is super hard but has more control that phonalic, so it is an improvement for breaking and jumping. Beautiful Coco Bola butt...
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    FS: Andrew Park Custom Cue

    Max Eberle's Andrew Park Custom Cue. Make offer! Beautiful Andrew Park Custom Cue. One of a Kind of course. I've used it for about four years now. Won lots of tournaments with it including two West Coast Championships, 3rd in World Straight Pool 2006, and the top rated player in the...
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    Sponsor Max Eberle into the US Open.

    Hi there friends. I'm looking for a sponsor or backer to put me in the US Open. We can promote a product line or just do it for the cash. If interested, just email me first at Best, Max
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    Expose Your Brand with Max Eberle at WTBC in Manila!

    Hi Folks, This is Max Eberle and I'm putting the word out that you or someone or company you know can potentially endorse your product or brand via logo sticker or patch on my shirt during the World 10-Ball Championship in Manila September 29 thru October 5th. Currently I have no endorsement...
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    Big Money Game.

    I'll play George W. Bush for the Presidency of the United States right now. I'll give weight too. Negotiable. I'll start by offering the known universe in a race five for five, haha! I love fishin!