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    Used Diamond Pro-Am 7' Table

    Up for sale is a used Diamond red label. Comes with Aramith balls TV or regular your choice. Table is located in Elko, NV 89801. No shipping you must pick up. Table is in the basement, but I will arrange for people to help you get it out of the house. If you have any questions PM me and I...
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    Delmo 9ft. Pool Table for Sale redone by RKC

    Looking to sell my Delmo pool table that was upgraded by the Real King Cobra in 2010. You can find pictures of the table here on AZbilliards by searching "before and after of a home style Delmo 9ft. The table is located in Elko, Nv 89801 and will be pick up only. The table base is 2" solid...
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    Must read US Open post!

    For the love of God please let this be the last US Open post. Why do we need numerous posts about Barry not paying the players at the end of the US Open? A much better post would be, when the last time was that Barry payed the players at the end of the tournament. Yes, Barry is going to get...
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    Stevie moore true professional!!!!

    Ok, so we have heard Ric Jones opinion, who wasn't even present during the rant. Did Stevie get upset, yes. Was Stevie out of line, possibly. These are the facts that I witnessed, the table was open the first time Stevie played. Justin admits the stream table has been open at different times...
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    Kamui chalk review!!!

    I go to Vegas with no intention of spending $25.00 on a cube of chalk. I play with a Kamui medium tip on my cue. I see the Kamui setup and they have a 5 person challenge for $5.00 a person and the winner gets a cube of Kamui. I want to try the chalk so I talk 3 of my teamates into risking...
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    OMGWTF!! Pics of my poolroom Delmo and Diamond

    OMGWTF. U were comentating on a stream and you said you love Drinking, Gambling, Eating, and Playing Pool everyone fell in love with you immediately. Come here hang out and practice for your rematch. 7' dimaond and 9' delmo cobratized with pro cut pockets and diamond black rubber you might...
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    WTS Lucasi with predator shaft!

    Looking to sell this Lucasi with predator 314 shaft. The cue is used and has the normal wear and tear. In one photo you can see a small nick in the leather, in another I tried to show a 1/2" chip in the butt cap. The tip is a layered tip, but not sure the brand of tip. This cue has the...
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    Wtt 29" ob-1 for 30"ob classic 5/16 14

    I have a 29" ob-1 and want to try the ob classic. I am looking to trade. The ob-1 has the black collar with a silver ring with a 5/16 14 joint.
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    Anyone have Bartram vs. Henessee updates?

    If someone could post score updates I think a bunch of us would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    2 Lucasi and 1 predator 4k4 for sale

    I have two Lucasi cues both have leather wraps and predator 314 shafts. Not sure what tips they have, however they are medium layered tips. I am willing to sell each Lucasi cue for $225.00 which will include the shaft being professionally cleaned and shipped in Cont. US. I also have a...