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    Unique Products 4 axis cnc for sale

    Text me 1-205-492-1339
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    Unique Products 4 axis cnc for sale

    SOLD I have a 4 Axis Unique Products CNC FOR SALE. It comes with 2 desktops and 1 laptop. It also has the Quiet motor. Plus I have a ton of designs ready to cut. I can't figure out how to post pics so text me and I'll send to you. Please text me if interested for more information David...
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    Is anyone using TOI and are you using it only or just sometimes? Thanks
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    Does anyone know how to order the aiming dvd for 90/90? You can post here or text me 205-492-1339 David thanks
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    Whats the latest on the TIP PPV. anyone know when its coming out?
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    one pocket

    whos the best one pocket teacher?
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    Cue Maker Lathe

    I am selling a Cue Maker lathe by Unique Products with the threading attachment and Kress router. It has cross feed digital readout, axial readout and a dial caliper. If you bought this new with all the accessories it would cost about $4,700.00 or more. The threading attachment and router has...
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    motor pulleys

    does anyone know where i can buy some pulleys for the Penn State motor for the 2L belt. thanks in advance
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    finishing box

    does anyone make a finishing box that will turn 2 butts and 2 shafts? nothing fancy and doesnt have to be enclosed. thanks This is what I am looking for but I want it with the sprocket and chain instead of belts.