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    Does the grain of an ash cue really matter

    Hi I just purchased an off-the-rack 3/4 cue from a well renowned cuemaker in the UK and decided on the one I chose because it felt good, looked good and was dead straight unlike many others which had slight bends and imperfections which caught my eye. Some of the characteristics of my cue is...
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    Wrap oxidation

    Hi all I purchased a new predator Ikon 2 cue in around 2011 but for various reasons, never played with it. Instead, I stored in it a dry enclosed cue rack and also in a Predator 4/8 cue case along with other cues during all that time. Every month or so, I would take it and my other cues out to...
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    How often do you chalk your cue ?

    Every shot Every other Every 3rd Every 4th Every 5th Every 6th Once per rack Once every other rack When the tip starts to shine Only before shots with english Depends