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    DANZ Mosconi Cup Question

    anti-advertising for the purpose of keeping what little they get from word of mouth seems like a pretty bad business model i guess ill wait until i know for sure then give them my 20 bux
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    DANZ Mosconi Cup Question

    so dazn is covering it this year? I was going to sign up but see zero mention of the mosconi cup anywhere on their site including searches or even in the schedule...
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    earl and ‘placement pool’

    Just watched his latest video where he mentions placement pool often. No idea what he's on about. I always though great augmentation you can to do ANY game is a "next ball" rule. (I just made that up). All that is required is you must call the next ball and where it's going. No banger would...
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    Is this a legal stroke?

    Was just watching an old-timey video of some tricks shots one of which involved a cueball near the edge of a pocket and hitting up at it through the mesh of the pocket from under the table. As amusing and useless as that really would be in an actual game, I wonder if that is actually a legal...
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    Worst table install ever?

    Holy crap I can hardly believe what has happened. Just yesterday I had a local "respectable" pool table company move and re-set up an old gandy I have to my new house. I was immediately impressed with their apparent knowledge of setups as they were pointing out some of the flaws of the...
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    Found an aid to help keep a consistent stroke Simple enough, I started bringing one of these with me on pool nights. I wet one corner and it lasts all night to help keep my hands and shaft clean. It's so much better when friction isn't playing a role in your stoke.
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    Looking for staining suggestions

    I have an older "Big G" gandy that I would like to somehow stain to give it a darker/greyer finish on the laminate rails. I have no idea what type of product would be useful for the rails of a pool table. It's some kind of typical laminate that has a wood finish look to it. I'd be happy if I...
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    Allison Fisher School Experience

    Someone had recently asked me via pm about what I thought about the Allison Fisher School I had attended in September 2013. I responded with most of what's below, so I thought I'd post this officially in the reviews forum... --- I've been playing for a long time now (on and off for 25 years)...
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    Looking for tips on cleaning the linen wrap

    I have a Joss I bought new about 6 years ago with the original linen wrap. Problem is it smells like every smokey pool hall I've ever been in since I bought it. Any tips on cleaning it or is it just time for a new wrap?
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    Click moments

    I was practicing some basic straight in shots last night and noticed how my aim can vary from shot to shot more than I felt it was. I realized i wasn't concentrating on the target ball as much as I was the shot as a whole. Sometimes when shooting I consider the entire shot including the...
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    Very cheap homemade lathe

    I'm rather proud of this as I think it came out really well. It's a shaft lathe that cost me under $100 in parts total, $50 of which was for some custom delrin collets. I bought an $18 drill from harbor freight and removed the handle. Cutting the handle off parallel with the drill body...