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  1. OverTheNut

    Article says : "Hitting a Baseball is the Hardest Skill to Pull Off in Sports." -- Not IMO

    Ever tried hitting 180 on a dart board? Hitting a baseball is way easier.
  2. OverTheNut

    They are rolling bad when....

    You are about to make an epic, professional looking clearance but a train goes by and the loud horn blasting out puts you right off. You get out of position on the very first ball.
  3. OverTheNut

    Realistically, what should promoters focus on when it comes to pro pool?

    I think Matchroom are making a go of it and things will evolve. In a couple of years time I'm sure a few things will be different from how they are now. What exactly will change? No idea! 9 ball rules definitely need standardizing. So many leagues insist that you must call the 9. They don't...
  4. OverTheNut

    Political signs at a pool hall? Would you give them your money? Please no politics please just answer the question

    Forget about politics when playing pool. It really doesn't matter. The pockets are still the same size. If someone thinks a politician (left or right) is going to improve their life then they are in for a shock. Just like a below average player who spends $2,000 on a cue (of course instantly...
  5. OverTheNut

    Public figures and professional pool

    There's a few episodes of Columbo where he hits some pool balls. Thought at the time that he wasn't *that* bad actually. A pro-am pool tournament would be great. Eight 2 person teams. 1 pro and 1 celeb. 9 ball. Alternate shots. Randomly drawn bracket. Race to 3. Whole tournament could be done...
  6. OverTheNut

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Bet365 go: Shaw 4/9 / 1.44 / -225 Trump 13/8 / 2.63 / 163 If you think it's certain then 4/9 is a cracking price. How much are you going to put on?
  7. OverTheNut

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    In the post-game interview just now Judd himself said about the next round v Jayson Shaw that 'this is probably the game that I get found out'. Wouldn't expect Judd to miss so many balls as he just did though. Shaw won't give him so many gifts either. Definitely going to be interesting.
  8. OverTheNut

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Same here! I'd happily pay to be 'the nobody' against someone like Judd Trump in a proper match being watched round the world. Trouble is - you'd pay your $750 + hotels/travel etc. and then get drawn against another 'nobody' who was just a bit better then you. You lose on table 23 and then lose...