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    8ft Pool Table Light

    Located in Daytona Beach in climate controlled storage. I need this sold NOW!!! Will make a deal!!!! Needs new ballast on one side ($13 dollars). In the picture this is light from only one side at the moment and it is still this bright. Reason for selling: I lost most of my stuff in the...
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    Looking for a quick Release 4inch butt extension

    Hello, I am looking for a 4 inch butt extension with a uniloc joint. Predator doesn't make one this short yet and I thought about seeing if a cue maker could one of theirs or make me one that's shorter but lighter. The thing is that I don't want a done of weight on the end to move the balance...
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    $$ Robert Harris cue! Buy now!

    Robert Harris cue SOLD 19oz 13mm shaft Brand new G2 medium tip Played with two times 3/8x10 pin Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    WTB 9FT GC with ball return or other table offers

    Looking for a 9ft. Moving to Daytona Florida in a few weeks and I want to get a good 9ft for the house. I don't have an insane budget but I am definitely looking for a deal. Any help would be much appreciated. PM me or send offers. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    F.S. Ebony Rick Howard , Mezz MI-2 Mika Immonen

    Update. Mezz MI-2 is SOLD Ebony Rick Howard For Sale. Ebony Butt - Two Rick Howard shafts included: 13mm Tapered to around 12.6-12.75mm (I am guestimating), - One tip is a G2 Hard, the other is a G2 medium I believe. - Fairly new condition, - Cue is in great shape - Lizard belly wrap...
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    Wtb Predator 314-2 Want to buy a 314-2 uniloc shaft if anyone has one available. I do not want an older one and am looking for one in great condition.
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    old X-breaker

    anyone have an old x-breaker in good condition? if so pm me with info. thanks