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    Where can I buy cues in the Bay Area?

    Hey Everyone, I just moved to the Bay Area about a month ago, so not too familiar with the area.....can someone tell me where I can buy a cue within the area? I'm specifically in the South Bay in the Mountain View area. I'm ideally looking looking for a Schon, Mezz, or even Joss or Pechauer...
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    What's the best way to travel with your cues?

    I live in Toronto (Canada) and I'm going to Charleston, South Carolina for a tournament this weekend, what is the best way to travel with my cues? In the past, I usually put the whole cue case (w/ the cues inside) into a large duffle bag with my clothes. any other suggestions that still give...
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    choosing between a JOSS, Schon or Pechauer

    I'm really having difficulty choosing my next cue. I use to shoot with a Falcon designed by Don Broos here in Canada, but that cue got stolen about 2 years ago. for the past year, I've been shooting with a Pechauer that I borrowed from a friend. It's time to buy my own cue, but I'm choosing...