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    Predator Roadline SP8NWM with Revo 12.4mm

    *** SOLD *** Test hit only. Like new. Case, joint protectors and all accessories included. $900
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    Mosconi Cup Schedule

    Does anybody know what time the matches are usually played at Mosconi Cup? Can't find any sort of schedule on the website.
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    Mosconi Cup tickets

    I'm going to be in Vegas for the week of the Mosconi Cup and plan on checking it out. Apparently there is a friends and family discount code that will get you 20% off a pass for the event. If anybody out there has access to this code, shoot me a PM. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Stix
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    BCA vs VNEA 8 Ball Rules

    Headed to Vegas in July to play BCA 8 ball after having played VNEA for years. Was wondering if somebody familiar with both could give me a quick run down on the rules differences between the two. Thanks, Stix
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    Brand New OB Pro Plus Shaft $150 Shipped

    Brand New OB Pro Plus Shaft Reduced **SOLD** Shipped For Sale 3/8x10 OB Pro Plus shaft. Test hit a couple of racks otherwise brand new. Factory upgraded Kamui black soft tip. I am located in Canada but near the border so I can ship it from Michigan for a US buyer in order to avoid customs...
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    WTB - OB Classic Pro 3/8x10 *NOT* plus

    Looking for an original 3/8x10 OB Classic Pro Shaft in new or very good condition. Preferably with the stitched ring to match the OB cues. Let me know what you've got. Steve
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    Brand New OB Shaft $120 shipped!!

    SOLD!...Thanks For sale brand new 3/8x10 OB2 shaft with black stitched ring. Sat in my case as a spare shaft never used. $120 includes UPS shipping to US or Canada. I am located in Canada but near the border so I can ship it from Michigan so that a U.S. buyer does not have to deal with customs.
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    OB-122 with brand new shaft

    SOLD!...Thanks I have for sale an OB-122 cue 19oz with brand new OB2 shaft. Cue is approx. one year old and is in excellent shape with only a few minor dings from regular play as can be seen in the pictures. Straight together and apart. Joint protectors always used, joint in perfect condition...
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    Simonis 860HR Tournament Blue $125 shipped

    Simonis 860HR Tournament Blue $110 shipped Simonis 860HR 9ft cloth bed and rail pieces included. Cloth was removed from my Diamond Professional due to having some warranty work done after being on the table for 8 months. There are a few burn marks and a sharpie line at the head string but...
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    Glue Down Question

    I have a question for the mechanics using the glue down method for Simonis cloth installation. I have glued down my sides and am now going to close out my side pockets but I notice the glue has seeped through the cloth and stained it along the side edges of the slate. For this reason I am...
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    Diamond Professional rail cloth

    A question for the table mechanics...when replacing rail cloth on a Diamond Professional is it necessary to completely disassemble the rails from the skirt, corners etc. Those fancy screw connectors on the Diamond are a PITA. Secondly is there a problem using T50 staples for the rail cloth, the...
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    404 Finals Results ????

    Anybody have the results of this weekends 404 finals?
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    OB-2 Shaft Brand New 5/16X14

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT..... Brand new OB-2 shaft for sale. 5/16X14 with piloted black collar / silver ring. Matches Schon butts nicely. Never taken out of my case, bought as a spare playing shaft but got a new cue with a different joint. $160 shipped anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. I am located...
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    Mezz with choice of OB Shafts

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT....OB2 Shaft still available will create new thread. Mezz butt with your choice of either an OB2 shaft or an OB Classic. Both shafts are new and have only been test hit. The butt however has some issues but still looks and plays great. The butt lifts slightly at the joint...
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    Morra / Parker Action

    Anyone in the London area looking for some good entertainment tonight. Word is John Morra and Dave Parker are playing at Strokers tonight. Race to 30 Parker getting 6 on the wire for 5K a man, not sure if it's 9 Ball or 10 Ball.
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    WTT: 5/16X14 OB Classic shaft for OB Classic Pro

    WTT or Sell: 5/16X14 OB Classic shaft for OB Classic Pro Picked up an OB Classic to replace an OB2 but just can't get used to the larger tip. Looking for an OB Classic Pro. Shaft has solid black band at joint and is in perfect played condition.
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    Properly "Diamondizing" my Brunswick Ventura

    Properly "Diamondizing" my Brunswick Ventura ***Completed with pics*** First off I want to thank all of the knowledgeable mechanics that post in this forum. I have learned a ton of valuable info reading through all of this, I only wish I had found it a long time ago. OK, my situation is...