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  1. aphelps1

    Cue Makers in MD/PA/VA area???

    I'm in Lusby, MD. Alan Phelps Custom Cues
  2. aphelps1

    Linen wrap spool holder

    Picked this up a little while ago. It should do nicely with a wood base added for stability and weight. Alan
  3. aphelps1

    Reducing joint pin threads

    I've done this a number of times. I've seen no problems with removing the amount of threads you are talking about on a 5/16-18 pin. Alan
  4. aphelps1

    ultraskin tip install

    If you press the tip too firmly, you will make a dry bond, basically you squeezed out too much glue. Use just enough pressure to keep the tip in place. Alan Phelps Custom Cues
  5. aphelps1

    I need a cue makers advice…

    We're Listening. Alan
  6. aphelps1

    Jacoby Hybrid Edge

    Looks like the same material I use on my LD shafts, minus the holes.
  7. aphelps1

    Tip popping off

    Did you face the pad after you applied it?
  8. aphelps1

    RPM Range of lathes

    I have an older Deluxe. I use 1080 rpm for most single point work/sanding and 480 rpm for router work.
  9. aphelps1

    Technique to bore ID of trim rings

    As Joey said, two will do it, I make 3 sets. Alan
  10. aphelps1

    Anyone have this ring work?

    I'll make a couple for you. Alan
  11. aphelps1

    Shim Stock for Collets

    Got mine today. I've been using these shim sheets for years and like them better than delrin collets for shaft work. I may never use a full sheet. Simply unbeatable for the price. Thanks Phi! Alan
  12. aphelps1

    Shim Stock for Collets

    Paypal sent. Alan
  13. aphelps1

    Some more

    Dave, I'll take the spool and sealer. Alan
  14. aphelps1

    Here is $4K, build me a cue.

    Yes, it has happened to me several times. All were very favorable experiences.
  15. aphelps1

    Radial live threading

    The short answer is no. Live threading must be done by CNC on true uni-loc threads as no lathe can duplicate the turns per inch (7.7 or something there abouts is memory serves me). Alan
  16. aphelps1

    To pad or not to pad.........................?

    I always put a pad on top of an ivory ferrule. Alan
  17. aphelps1

    Tap and dye and other tooling

    You use a tap on the inside of a ferrule to make threads. You use a die to thread a tenon, or a tenon threader.
  18. aphelps1

    Oil, grease, wax or dry lube?

    I use WD-40 on the ways.
  19. aphelps1

    Pin Heater.

    Got some heavy duty power supplies gathering dust. Gonna see if this little gadget will heat a pin up hot enough for removal...
  20. aphelps1

    Is there anything worse than:

    Sneezing in your respirator.