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  1. aphelps1

    Pin Heater.

    Got some heavy duty power supplies gathering dust. Gonna see if this little gadget will heat a pin up hot enough for removal...
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    Is there anything worse than:

    Sneezing in your respirator.
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    Logan Turret Lathe

    Picked up a Logan Turret Lathe on Craig's list for 150.00. Mostly rebuilt and painted. Has a 5C collet changer and a 3 jaw chuck also. Who's a happy guy? Alan
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    Reversed twins

    Here's a set of reversed woods, Kingwood and BEM. Breaker on the top, shooter on the bottom. My picture taking still leaves alot to be desired. Thanks for looking, Alan Phelps Custom Cues
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    Machinist ruler with bubble level

    I saw one of these not long ago for about 19 bucks and was going to buy it, but for the life of me can't find the link. If anyone has a link to a machinist ruler with a bubble level on top, please clue me in. Thanks much, Alan
  6. aphelps1

    Walnut Burl

    I got a very special cue that needs a walnut burl or highly figured piece of walnut crotch for a handle. Please PM me if you have some or know where I can purchase some. Thanks in advance, Alan
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    One ready for delivery

    Birdseye with a pomelle sapelle handle. Sterling silver stitch rings at all locations. Comments welcome. Thanks for looking, Alan Phelps Custom Cues
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    1HP AC motor sale

    This looks like a good deal, if anyone is looking for a little beefier motor. I would assume reversibility, but it doesn't state that in the add. Merry Christmas, Alan
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    Relative Humidity

    I just put a dedicated de-humidifier in the shop. I have most of my shafts and other wood hanging there. My question is where should I keep the relative humidity level? Thanks much, Alan
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    Ebony, Birdseye, and snakewood cue

    I have a Tom Trott cue for sale. It comes with 2 original shafts and a custom extender. This cue is beautiful with 5 high ebony points and 5 low snakewood points in the forearm, the same is reflected in the butt sleeve. Small Ivory diamonds accent the work. Asking price is 2000.00 or best...
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    Green replacement for acetone

    Although I have not tried this product myself, it might be an alternative to some of the solvents we use. MAS Bio-Solv Acetone Replacement Here's a youtube showing the product also...
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    Insert for Viking shaft

    Where can I get a brass insert to fit a viking butt with quick disconnect pin, (I think it's 5/16 X 16), but not completely sure. I have a customer needing a repair to the shaft. Thanks much, Alan
  13. aphelps1

    Huebler ringwork

    I need to make a second shaft for a Huebler butt. Does anyone have some ring stock to match the picture below and a nylon insert for a Huebler shaft? Thanks, Alan
  14. aphelps1

    Viscotti pin

    Does anyone know the pin diameter and thread pitch for a Viscotti cue?
  15. aphelps1

    Just Finished Macassar and Satinwood

    Here's one to be delivered this week. All rings are sterling silver. Elforyn nose and butt. All black ringwork is gaboon ebony. Thanks for looking, Alan Phelps
  16. aphelps1

    insert needed

    I need a brass insert to make a new shaft for a Viscotti cue. The pin looks something like a uni-loc, but I don't think it is a uni-loc, as a maint. pin for uni-loc does not fit. Any help or information would be appreciated. Thanks, Alan Phelps
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    Tigerwood and Movingui ready to ship

    This Cue is sold, but I thought I'd post pics. Spec are: 58 inches, 18.27 Oz, BP 18.5-18.75 from butt. Thanks for looking, Alan
  18. aphelps1

    Elforyn ferrule for breaking?

    I have been using elforyn for joints and butt caps and like it very well. A customer would like to use the stick I am designing to be a 'all around' stick and he will using it for breaking. Is a capped elforyn ferrule going to hold up for a good power breaker? Currently I offer ivorine 3,4, LBM...
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    Curly Purpleheart Cue

    Here's one more cue that I'm building. It has a curly purpleheart forearm and macassar ebony butt sleeve. A-joint ring is also ebony. Nose ring is black phenolic to match a purpleheart shaft. White is Iv4. Hope you enjoy the pixs. This cue is spoken for, but all comments, good or bad are...
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    First Cues

    Sorry for the bad pix, but I though I'd post some photos of the first cues I'm building. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.