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  1. fsarfino

    FS Schon SL-9

    I have this older Schon SL-9 that I would like to sell. I'm Also willing to do trades. According to the guy that I got it from he never played it. When I got it I took it for a quick test drive of maybe 2 racks. Here are the specs Butt 15.4, Shaft 4.4 and 13mm tip on the one shaft. The only...
  2. fsarfino

    Trading my mint Schon Sl-9

    I have this older Schon SL-9 that I would like to trade out of. I'm Also willing to do trades and cash if I really like the cue. According to the guy that I got it from he never played it. When I got it I took it for a quick test drive of maybe 2 racks. Here are the specs Butt 15.4, Shaft 4.4...
  3. fsarfino

    Gold Crown I

    Selling my gold crown I due to the fact that I am moving. Looking to get 1400.00 for it. table is located in Rockford IL Here is a thread detailing the work that I did to the table Dropped price to 1200.00 Might be willing to trade for a cue of similar value...
  4. fsarfino

    New in Wrapper Super Aramith Pro

    Never open still in shrink wrap Super Aramith Pro's SOLD shipped in USA
  5. fsarfino

    Ron Thomas 2x4 Black Gator

    Like new Ron Thomas 2x4 Black Gator print with accessory cup. There are no pockets or shoulder strap on this case just a luggage handle for a super clean and classy look. I have only used this case for storage and there are no chalk marks on the lining. Looking to get SOLD shipped in USA sorry...
  6. fsarfino

    Ron Thomas 2x4 Black Gator

    Oops wrong forum
  7. fsarfino

    Trading new super pro's for new centennials

    I have a new set of super pros that I would like to trade for a set of centennials. The super pro's are still in the shrink wrap if you would like pics please let me know. Thanks !
  8. fsarfino

    Looking for a Gold Crown 1 Triangle Holder

    Anyone have one of these for sale ? I know that they have them at classic billiards but I figured I would ask here first to see if I could get a better deal.
  9. fsarfino

    New Pool table light its only $80k "If you like being distracted by projections and badass animations while you play pool, the Obscura CueLight is for you. It uses sensors and an overhead projector to create images that follow the balls as they bang around the table. The system itself will set you back...
  10. fsarfino

    Who is really responsible for the quality of Asian Import Cues(cont)

    Not really sure why this thread got locked. I just finished reading the entire thread and I personally feel that alot of valid points got posted by both Craig and John, and I personally think that they should be allowed to continue their discussion on this topic. My thoughts on the topic is as...
  11. fsarfino

    Anyone in Madison WI looking for a Gold Crown

    Found this on craigslist only $500
  12. fsarfino

    J&J break cue pin size ?

    Anyone know what type of pin is used on a J&J break cue ? Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  13. fsarfino

    Looking for a repair guy or cue maker close to Rockford IL

    I Would like to have the Irish linen on my Jacoby cleaned and pressed. And I also might have a shaft coming that I need the collar resprayed with a couple coats of clear to get the Joint diameter from .825 to .850 . Is there anyone on here that could recommend someone good close to the...
  14. fsarfino

    WTT 5/16 x14 OB-1 Shaft For a regular shaft

    Almost new OB-1 5/16x14 black collar with silver ring. I've prolly played only 10 racks with this tops. Looking to trade for a regular 29" shaft .850 joint diameter 12.5mm to 13mm with the same type collar and either a ivory or micarta ferrule. Lets see what ya got :thumbup:
  15. fsarfino

    Info On old viking window cue

    I might be buying the cue in the near future this is the only picture that I have of it so far I'm hoping the owner will supply me with a couple more before I make the drive to pick it up. I'm mostly just curious if its worth my time to drive a hour to buy it.
  16. fsarfino

    Anyone looking for a GC I around the chicago area

    Here is a nice GC I for sale around chicago. Not my table but in the ad it says it has never moved since the install.
  17. fsarfino

    Whats this old huebler worth ?

    My friend has a old huebler player that he is wondering how much its worth. The pin size is 5/16 x 18 its 57" 1/2" long and there are a few dings on it one crack in the finish that you can see in the pics and the ferrule is loose. I think the ferrule is ivory but I'm not sure maybe someone...
  18. fsarfino

    Some Funny road stories I found

    Not sure if most of you have listened to these but they are audio recordings of road stories told by Ronnie Allen. I've been listing to them for the past few hours and really enjoyed listening to them. Hopefully you guys enjoy them too. :D Here's the link ---->...
  19. fsarfino

    Anyone in the Chicago area looking for a 10' Brunswick Kling

    Check it out Looks to be in decent shape
  20. fsarfino

    Pics of work in progress on my GC 2.

    Pics of work in progress on my GC 2. UPDATED !! Here's some pics of the work in progress of my Gold Crown 2 that I just picked up. Hopefully you guys like the work that I've done so far. I would like to thank all of the Mechanics in this section for all the help they have provided in this...