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  1. Onepocketking1

    Can a warped cue butt be fixed?

    I have 2 cues that have developed a warp in the joint and butt areas. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Onepocketking1

    Looking for a used pool cue…

    Good condition. Has to be a four point butt. No wrap. Thin shaft, 11mm or 10.5mm. 20oz. I have a limited budget. PM me pics and price of what you have. Thanks
  3. Onepocketking1

    Mcdermott Defy Shaft

    Hello to all, hope all is well. Recently, I had the opportunity to own a Mcdermott Defy Shaft, tried it out and paid for it right after. It's 31" .843 at the joint and 12.5 mm. Having shot with several carbon fiber shafts(Revo, Go, Becue, Jacoby, Cuetec..), the Mcdermott Defy plays the best out...
  4. Onepocketking1

    Looking for a thin radial or 3/8x10 shaft

    Anybody have a thin shaft 10.90mm-11mm tip they are willing to part with for cheap? Preferably with a .843 diameter joint and black collar. 29” or 30” is fine.
  5. Onepocketking1

    What happened with the Sardo Tight Rack??

    Just finished watching the shut out by Efren Reyes against Mika Immonen at the 2005 Derby City Classic. The Sardo Tight Rack was being used. It seemed to be used a lot at that time. Just wondering if anbody knows why it was stopped being used back then. I know the magic racks are easier to use...
  6. Onepocketking1

    WTS: Chuck Starkey 60 inch Bacote and Maple Spliced Cue

    Great playing cue. Will say it rolls good but don't be surprised if it rolls perfectly straight. Comes with two shafts at 12.5mm at the tip. The joint and ferrules are elk horn. Has his big wood pin. Cue weighs 19.3oz. PayPal F&F. Price is $450/shipped in the U.S.A only.
  7. Onepocketking1

    JB Butterfly Case Question.....

    I have finally found a good deal on a 2x4 JB Butterfly Case recently. Took my cues out of my old case and loaded the Jb Case. To get the case close I had to squeeze the hell out of it to get the zipper to close. I said maybe I loaded it wrong so I tried every combination. Still had to squeeze...
  8. Onepocketking1

    Cushions are not as springy as before after putting new cloth.

    Just curious to know what could’ve happened to the cushions on the tables in my pool room. The cloths needed changing on most of the tables in my pool room. The table cushions before the cloth change had more spring to them. I could get the cueball to go 4-5 times across the headstring(side...
  9. Onepocketking1

    WTS 12.5" Tony Ryan Cue Extension

    Up for sale is this 12.5" Tony Ryan Cue extension. It is in mint condition. Comes with carry sleeve. Bought years ago and never used it, always forgot it lol. Not putting a price on it but I'm accepting offers through PM. It's yours if the offer is right.
  10. Onepocketking1

    Jim Baxter Custom 60" Bacote and Birdseye Cue

    Looking to sell my Jim Baxter Custom Cue. The cue is a beauty and plays great. The cue does have a lift in the forearm (Jim Baxter said it doesn't affect play and it didn't.) and needs a refinish. Shaft is straight. Just need to move some cues. Paid $500 new, looking for $350/shipped CONUS...
  11. Onepocketking1

    WTB 30 inch Shaft

    Preferably a curly maple or old growth. 3/8x10 or Radial. No less than 12.5mm tip. Inbox me with what you have. Thanks
  12. Onepocketking1

    FS 2013 60" Keith Josey Bacote/BEM Sneaky Pete

    SOLD!!!!!! All info and pics are in this thread: For those that don't have Facebook, text me at for pics and info. Price is negotiable.
  13. Onepocketking1

    WTB 30 inch Birdseye Maple Shaft

    Hello AZB!! Does anybody have one available? Radial pin and 12.75-50mm tip would be ideal but a 13mm tip is good. Please PM me. Thanks
  14. Onepocketking1

    LTB: 30" Radial Pin Curly Maple shaft w/black collar

    Hello AZB family. If anyone has one or can direct me to someone that can make one for me, please PM me. Thanks
  15. Onepocketking1

    LTB: I have $400 in PayPal for a 2x4 JB Mason Case....

    Case has to be in Mint/Great condition. PM me with what you have. Thanks
  16. Onepocketking1

    Need help identifying this cue....

    Hey Cue Makers, any info will be greatly appreciated. Looks like a G10, 3/8x10 piloted joint and phenolic collar. Thanks
  17. Onepocketking1

    Need help identifying a cue....

    I'll have pics up by tonight. The cue in question has a 3/8x10 g10 pin but its piloted. Any info on cuemakers that use this set up would be a great start.
  18. Onepocketking1

    LTB a Lakewood or Old Growth shaft

    Hello AZB. In search for a 30", 3/8x10, joint size .826, Brown joint collar, Lakewood or Old Growth shaft. If anybody had one or can make one, please PM me with what you have or price for making one. Thanks.
  19. Onepocketking1

    WTB a JB 2x4 Chas Case

    Anything out there? PM me with any offers. Thanks
  20. Onepocketking1

    Has anyone had this problem?

    A friend of mine has a problem with his old Bludworth shaft. The threads on the inside of the joint have kind of wasted away. There are about three threads left that actually screw on to the pin. When he shoots, there's a rattling sound. I think its the pin hitting the sides of the shaft. He...