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    Predator QR2 Bumper Installation

    Does anyone here have experience installing the QR2 rubber bumper adaptor for bullet quick lock extensions. If so, do you happen to know the thread size that I would be tapping my cue butt for? Would you also just recommend tapping into the solid wood, or would you advocate inserting (epoxy?)...
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    Predator vantage shaft- uni loc

    Looking for Predator Vantage Uni Loc shaft. Must be in good condition. If available, please post asking price. Bernie.
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    Predator vantage shaft only- 3/8-10

    Looking to buy new or used (good condition) Vantage 3/8-10 thread. Would consider Vangage partial blank (not threaded). Thanks. Bernie.
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    WTB Predator BK III break cue

    Good condition, ideally 18 ounce. Bernie.
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    WTB-Carom cue

    Intermediate player looking for lower end 3 cushion cue (budget $200-$300 range). Prefer 18 oz ish. Pics would be better than not. Bernie.
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    Pool in Manhattan

    I'll be in Manhattan on Friday March 8th. Is Amsterdam Billiards the preferred hangout, maybe for some One Pocket? Would also consider some 3 Cushion at Carom Cafe in Flushing, Queens. Does anyone play at either of these places that can offer any input on quality of players/equipment...
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    WTB- Diamond pro am

    I am looking for a 9' Diamond Pro Am (one piece slate) in good/great condition, preferably with matching light. I'm located in Phoenix, Az and would prefer a table available in the Southwest. Thanks. Bernie Pettipiece. 602 617 1612
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    2010 World 14.1 tourney

    Does anyone here play at Breakers Billiards? I was curious to get a 14.1 players' opinion of the type and quality of the tables that the upcoming tourney will be played on. Thanks. Bernie Pettipiece.
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    Finally! The elusive "100" on a diamond.

    Hi Guys, I played a little yesterday on a diamond at Kolby's in Tempe, Az and managed to run 116. (Previous diamond high of 84). I play 14.1 on this table for a couple of hours every 2 weeks, but there is not too much interest from the locals with this game. (I would certainly love to play...
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    Kudos to Stu Mattana

    Stu, I would just like to extend a quick "thank you" for your stepping up to the plate in sponsorship of this year's World's 14.1. I know you have been an avid player and fan of world class 14.1 tournaments for many decades. While perhaps I see a little resurgence in the interest of 14.1, it...
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    Dcc Match Schedule Question

    Does anyone know if the matches this year are scheduled at a specific time verses the way it has been done in the past whereby you are waiting several hours "on deck" for your match? Thanks. Bernie P.
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    3 cushion billiard table wanted

    Looking for 3C in good condition. Please send pics if available and location. Thanks. Bernie P.
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    New to AZB

    Hi guys/gals I've heard some great things from local Ariz AZB er's about this 14.1 site. It's really great to find a decent forum with intelligent discussion from informed players at all levels. A big thank to all of the Arizona locals especially Agt, BVal, Ray, Jimmy M, FastLenny for their...