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  1. MSchaffer

    Everything's bigger in Texas

    Recently moved to the Great State of Texas, and have been frequenting a local pool hall. Great place, plenty of quality tables and really close to where I'm staying right now, but the pocket I checked them all...same size on all of 'em. Pretty sure they are just a bit over 5"...
  2. MSchaffer

    New method for installing inlays

    Thought this was really cool...
  3. MSchaffer

    Walmart sells tips?? Who knew?
  4. MSchaffer

    Revo Stock

    Has anyone heard any recent updates on Revo stock? They've been out for several months now, and over the summer I heard rumors of being ready by September. September has come and gone, and now we are more than halfway done with October, and I've not heard anything.
  5. MSchaffer

    RKC modified GC 1 for sale

    I am selling my 9' GC I. It is in excellent condition. It was completely overhauled by our own Glen Hancock about 1.5 years ago to include: - Rebuilt sub rails to make corner pockets just under 4 1/2 (4 7/16 to be exact) - New Brunswick superspeed cushions -Re drilled all bolt holes to line up...
  6. MSchaffer

    Need new taps?

    Make your own!
  7. MSchaffer

    New finish

    French polishing....not sure anybody wants to do this on a cue, but I'd never heard of it before, and the final cosmetic result looks incredible French Polishing A Piece Of Red Morrel Burl
  8. MSchaffer

    Beginner to Expert

    Just watch a cool little video about table tennis. Do you believe (with the right coaching) the same can be achieved in our beloved sport? Table Tennis
  9. MSchaffer

    Riley Snooker table install

    I thought it was fun to watch:
  10. MSchaffer

    Impressive Lathe!

    Some people won't install a tiny leather tip on the end of a stick without a lathe...then there is this guy. WOW!
  11. MSchaffer

    Portable Set Ups

    So I'm starting to get into minor repair work, and would like to start taking my set-up to some local events. I've seen the photos some of you have posted showing your home set-up, but how about a couple pics of your mobile set-ups?
  12. MSchaffer

    Bonus Ball Teams and Rosters?

    Did I miss it? I thought the rosters and teams were going to be out a couple weeks ago, then pushed to this past Monday, but I still don't see anything.
  13. MSchaffer

    No Reserve? Somebody is going to be happy...
  14. MSchaffer

    Slightly rounded cushions

    So I was watching 'Banks that don't go - but do' yesterday by the Beard and was curious about a set of banks he was talking about. He was talking about the cushions being ever-so-slightly rounded near the corner pockets as a result of the cloth being stretched tightly. I have seen many 1P...
  15. MSchaffer

    Gold Crown I

    So, I am looking at buying a GC I. It looks to be in great shape to me, but I am certainly no expert. Cushions are original Monarchs, and seem to have quite a bit of spring left in them. Corner pockets have ashtrays...number dials are the large size, and all work well. Cosmetically, it looks...
  16. MSchaffer

    First attempt putting a pool table together

    Here is the back story: Had a new 8' 'furniture' table purchased as a surprise gift for me when I returned from middle Middle East deployment in 2004. It was set up in our dining room complete with a nice set of lights and even had Simonis cloth (what a great wife!)...disclaimer: since it was...