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    Cues with....

    What's a good beater cue that uses a 5/16-14 thread? Have a few Joss shafts laying around... id take a Harvard or mizerak lol. Sportscraft... ...something that is about the same level as the beat up Valleys around here we have to play on.
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    Printed pool table

    I'm looking for a way to print out pool tables for notes and studying etc. Anyone? Options?
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    Help with finding a cue...

    anyone have an old Griffin cues pamphlet from 2008-ish? They had a trident point cue with no wrap, looked wicked. Long points on black smoke butt. Id love to have it as a reference when having my next cue made.
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    Grady vs Billy I

    Does anyone here know what happened to keep Billy and Grady from doing commentary together? It seems you have either with Danny D or on tV you get Billy with an idiot sports reporter or so on. What happened?
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    I need a 9ft Diamond quick!!!

    Looking for a 9ft Diamond, decent shape, prefer the smart table, however am interested in anything out there. Table to be delivered to 38305/38301 zip in TN... Anyone have any info let me know, I am ready to fill the "Action" room with the appropriate table!!!
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    Tournament Results...

    Hey just wondering if anyone here knows where I could find a link to the Florida State 9Ball results over the last 10-20 years, Have a guy I talk to once in a while claims he won a few years and 2nd a few years....
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    Woodworth custom LIGHTNING Ivory/Gold/Leather

    Hey I have a beautiful Woodworth Custom cue. Paid 2400 new, Every bit of the work is just awesome, it has lightning bolt inlaid in Ivory on ebony points with tons of veneer. Joint, ferrules, and all inlays are true ivory, i tried to show the grain of ivory but could not get the camera right...
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    Blue Diamond Chalk

    Ok, Here it is. A thread ONLY for either test results concerning Blue Diamond chalk, or for A players testimony. If You are a full time pool player, etc, hih roller, someone with CREDENTIALS, not a hack, not"Im the best in my pool league" Everyone here is dying to know if it is superior...
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    Moori difficulty....

    I am a long-time player, and have always installed my own tips. I have done some testing to see if I can fix this problem, but I can't, and I need some help. When I first put on a Moori, the useable off-center hit of the cueball increases from the norm, and as I play with it it...
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    Jackson, TN

    Hey, I'll be in Jackson, TN this weekend, thurs thru Sun...Anyone that way wanna make a little action? Cheap 9/sets or cheap one-hole...
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    The Miz...Never Mizzed...

    I hear great stories from the old guys aroun saying Steve came to town here in Jackson posing as a sorghum salesman. He busted Meathead here, tortured ecil Maxwell(STRONG bank player) And proceeded to never miss in his nine ball match up. He would roll out for a long, thin, Stupidly tough...
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    1978 Bill McDaniel

    I have a 1978 McDaniel with maple forearm, and 4 floating ebony points. Each point has a bone or ivory diamond inlaid and the points are pentagonal (2 long sides, 3 short.) The Butt plate is Ebony/bone/Ivory matching the work up top. It is a one owner cue and was played with - so expect a few...
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    I have two ideas I would like to develop, one is concerning a break shaft design, and the other concerns a layered tip design. I am loking for someone to answer a few questions...What is a multi-layered tip held 2gether by? Tannic acid?? I have a design I want to create a prototype.