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  1. X Breaker

    Congrat to Yang for winning the Guinness Tour

    Taiwan has won all top three spots in the recent Guinness Tour. Yang won $15,000, beating his mentor Chao in the finals 11:6, and 3 times World Junior Champion Wu came third. Chao beat Alcano 11:6, while Yang beat Wu 11:9, to advance to the finals. Photo courtesy of Onthehill
  2. X Breaker

    What do pool need now?

    In response to the recent thread about having a new tour, it gets me thinking about what does pool really need? I think most people would agree that pool players are not making enough money doing what they are good at, and they are the ones putting on the show. So, there is no question in my...
  3. X Breaker

    Congrat to Kristi Carter for winning the BCA Grand Master

    I just want to congratulate Kristi Carter for her victory in the BCA Women Grand Master division. She best Romana Djokovic in the finals to claim the victory. Congratulation. Richard Photo courtesy of JR Calvert of
  4. X Breaker

    Who will win the BCA

    Who is your pick, man and woman?
  5. X Breaker

    Blind Pocket Shot

    I have two questions: 1. Why is a blind pocket shot 'blind?" I can actually see the pocket when I am shooting those shots, but somehow the pocket location cannot really be determined in my mind with certainty, why? 2. Is there a difference between left handed and right handed players when it...
  6. X Breaker

    Ralf souquet has a very tough draw in

    I was checking Ralf Souquet's draw, and noticed that he has a very tough draw. His first round is against Max Eberle, then Santos Sambajon. After he wins, he will face the winner of Marlon Manalo and Bustamante. After he wins this one, he will face Dennis Orcullo, Niels Feijen, or Marcus...
  7. X Breaker

    Matt Krah vs Thorsten

    I just want to congratulate Matt Krah, who won against Thorsten on a hill-hill thriller.:) For those of you who are not familiar with Matt, he was voted as the rookie of the year on the UPA, and is a regular in winning the Blaze Tour. A young man, with a great attitude, an awesome game, and a...
  8. X Breaker

    Hold the cue with first three or last three fingers?

    I have a question: do you hold your cue with your first few fingers, or your last few. I know most books advocate holding it with your first three fingers, but I have noticed, on the final follow through of a lot of players, that they seem to be holding their butts with the last few fingers...
  9. X Breaker

    How small can you turn a Tiger X Shaft?

    I am thinking about getting a Tiger X shaft for my pool cue, to use it as a snooker shaft. I want to turn it down to 10mm, coudl anyone please tell me if that would be too thin? Thank you. Richard
  10. X Breaker

    1 of 1 Mike Capone, with Ivory, Real Lizard Wrap, 314 and 2 original shafts

    I have here a one of a kind custom built by Mike Capone which comes with three shafts, all with matching collar works. One shaft is 314, and the other two are original. All with layer tips. 12.75mm. This Mike Capone custom cue features 4 very high, sharp and even ebony points, into an ebony...
  11. X Breaker

    Poll--XXX Shot Maker Winner

    Please cast your vote on whom do you think have submitted the most impressive and amazing shot. Your vote will determine who is going to be the Az XXX Shotmaker, May, 2007. There are 9 shots being submitted by 5 members: 1. Finger Pool by Tanner Pruess...
  12. X Breaker

    John Parris Discontinued Master Cue with Case for sale

    Cue is sold, thank you.
  13. X Breaker

    Which Pro jumps the best?

    Which pro player do you think jumps the best, any video? I would like to focus on real tournament condition, when the pro player goes for the jump shot under pressure. By the way, I have never seen any pro going for a jump less than a ball away in a big tournament. In my opinion, I am very...
  14. X Breaker

    Like new Black Whitten 2x4 for sale

    Hi, I have a Whitten Case, 2x4, black leather for sale. It is a case that has been used for storage only. It was made a while ago, and features the original style shoulder pad. It is in mint condition, still have the sponge that came with the case for the pockets, but no plugs. I am using...
  15. X Breaker

    Anyone looking for a John Parris?

    I have a basic John Parris, with a case, that I do not use at all. I have one more John Parris coming, and I do not like to see this John Parris sitting around doing nothing. If any of you are looking for a John Parris Master Cue (no longer made) with four ebony sharp and even points, ash...
  16. X Breaker

    How is this wood supplier?

    Deleted due to requests from other cue makers. Thank you. Richard
  17. X Breaker

    Earl Strickland Video showing him trying to hit his opponent with his cue.

    First Video: Earl threw his cue to the floor, and yelled at the crowd and his opponent during the WPC. You can hear him say, "Shut up," "You make me sick." Second Video: Earl lifted up his cue, acted like he was going to beat his opponent up with his...
  18. X Breaker

    Picture Technique Needs Help--how did he do this?

    How was this done? Thank you. Richard
  19. X Breaker

    Excellent and prompt customer service/response from Chad at Atlas

    Hi, I would like to thank Chad of Atlas Billiard here publicly for his excellent customer service and extremely fast and prompt respond. I had a little confusion recently when I placed my order with Atlas. The order was shipped to my Canadian rather than my US address. When I called and...