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  1. c-money

    Sold 8-Point Judd Fuller-Judds Final Cue Build w/COA

    After reading about all the the regret of missing out on this cue being an incredible build with 4 shafts and 2 of them being from SOUTHWEST shaft wood having old micarta ferrules. 60 " CUE and the LAST built by Judd What should the cue sell for?
  2. c-money

    Samsara 1 of a kind

    Too late....ya snooze, ya lose
  3. c-money

    Richard black anniversary cues. What are they worth?

    I decided not to order the cue so didn't ask. He has a guy that does the repair work though.
  4. c-money

    Richard black anniversary cues. What are they worth?

    Emailed Richard a couple days ago about ordering a Bushka that's under 3k. He said it would be done within 6 months. Still building a few by that response.
  5. c-money

    Samsara 1 of a kind

    Gone to a new home
  6. c-money

    Samsara 1 of a kind

    Added some pictures. Bump up for a beautiful one of kind.
  7. c-money

    Samsara 1 of a kind

    Hi Dave, looking forward to seeing your new cue and meeting up at the shack. Nice upgrade there.
  8. c-money

    Samsara 1 of a kind

    GONE TO A NEW HOME #1421 Walnut Crotch with Cocobolo/maple swirl handle. 5k+ to build another one Everything rolls good together and apart. Negligible taper roll on shafts. One shaft has had light play, the other hit a few balls. Both shafts are a bit over 13mm and 29 1/8 in Weight are 4.4...
  9. c-money

    Refinishing a Scruggs

    Thank you for the suggestions, its appreciated.
  10. c-money

    Refinishing a Scruggs

    If you had a nice Scruggs in need of complete refinish with white/ green spec wrap who would be the go to guy with value preservation in mind? Thanks
  11. c-money

    Radial pin butt wanted

    Looking for an inexpensive radial pin butt. Thanks.
  12. c-money

    My new Cocobolo/ Black Hornbeam Butt is 30" Shaft 31" 19.5 oz
  13. c-money

    Ki-tech cue tips

    I have a few to sell as a package only. A couple have been opened to look at but are unused. 2 medium soft 1 medium 1 medium hard 1 hard $ 45 US obo shipped lower 48 or Canada Thanks, Craig For info on them.
  14. c-money

    LF 31" Huebler shaft

    As the post says.... Wanted 31" Huebler shafts. Thanks, Craig
  15. c-money

    LF Predator 314-2 FAT shaft

  16. c-money

    Pechauer # 17/50

    Asking SOLD
  17. c-money

    Kilby cue rare style

    SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a 2010 cue and only 2 of this style have been built the other one built in 1999. The forearm and scales are Satin wood. Inlays and buttpiece are Snakewood. Handle is Indonesian Rosewood. Butt is 28" @ 15 oz The shafts are 28" @ 4.07 oz 12.62 mm...
  18. c-money

    Triple Cross Cues

    Hi, I've come across these cues and like the burl woods used and some of the designs. Is there someone here who has one , had one or played with one of these and can comment on playability and build quality. Thanks
  19. c-money

    X5 extension 5/16X18 wanted

    mortuarymike built me an extension , great job mike.