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    Sold John Bender Cue

    Thanks again to MmmmSharp for kindly posting pics.
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    Sold John Bender Cue

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    Sold John Bender Cue

    Cue made 10/26/18. I supplied 30 plus year old Black Walnut. "Hustler" with black linen double pressed. Came with 2 shafts originally that had Moose Antler Ferrules (first he'd done). Both cut from a shed antler from Alaska. Joint is 5/16-14 Piloted Stainless Steel. Length 58" (29/29)...
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    ~~~>alex brick j/b<~~~

    Just a question: I have a 60" George Lowery (Baltimore Md pool cue maker) Custom Merry Widow with low deflection ferrule-less shaft, Precision Medium tip (they play great), very nice tumbled kangaroo leather wrap, modified 3/8-10 pin. I traded for it last year and never used it. Has very...
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    John Bender Cue

    Just realized I only listed one shaft spec in original post, Virtually unchanged from 2017 when shafts were listed as 13.4 mm and one shaft 4 oz, the other 4.7 oz. Since installing the great Searing precision tips I only played with the 4.7 oz shaft. The lighter shaft tip has seen no chalk...
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    Predator SP4LWR w/ 3 shafts

    This is the low position wrap sneaky. Purchased from original owner in August after he won a high end cue in Vegas. I thought I'd be able to go back to LD, but no luck. Shaft #1 is a Z3 with a brand new unchalked victory tip and is 30" long Shaft #2 is a SS360P from Bob Danielson with a new...
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    25 year old It's George black leather case 1x2

    Great condition. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you pics. Looking for $200 OBO.
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    predator throne 5

    offering for sale a very good condition throne 5 cue. Cue has 8 points, curly maple, snakewood, cocobolo, ebony and alternating silver/micarta rings. Butt is 29" and 14.9 oz. Shaft is 29" and 3.98 oz. with a kamui clear black soft tip like new. Cue comes with a brand new QR predator extension...
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    unused dzuricky fancy sneaky

    Curapay into straight grain maple. Delrin buttcap with fancy trim ring. 3/8-10 modified pin. cue cored with purple heart from pin down below the points. Ferrule is cueball. Butt 16.25oz, shaft 3.55oz 12.91mm 1 inch ferrule with new milk dud tip. Second shaft with Dz break taper and black...
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    Willard Tipping Machine

    Used once last year, so as brand new. Bought from Muellers and ordered a smaller collet to go along with the standard collet it came with. Makes it possible to do ld shafts. Paid close to $500 for it and since I no longer need it, I'll sell it for half that. Price is firm at $250. I also...
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    completely refinished Mike Webb cue

    Mike Webb refinished this cue in July, 2014. Untouched since refinish, not even test hit. Four maple points with single black veneer. Forearm is red heart, buttsleeve is ebony with four large ivory diamonds and an ivory Hoppe ring. Joint pin is stainless radial with a sleeved stainless joint...
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    getting out of pool sale

    Cue #1: Completely refinished Lambros. Mike mailed it out this Monday, 11/25/13. Ebony buttcap, brand new linen wrap white with black specs, bem forearm. Comes with three unchalked shafts; one ultra ld, one flat laminated, and one standard shaft. Specs are 15.41oz butt, standard shaft...
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    predator sneaky sp4rj and two other shafts

    SP4RJ green veneers 4 point original with stainless uniloc joint. Butt 15.2 oz, original pre-cat 314 shaft 3.9 oz, 12.85mm, plain black collar. Cue is mint. $300.00 Shaft #1: mint 30" 314-2 with 5/16-14 pin, plain black collar. $150.00 Shaft #2: mint 30" Z-2 uniloc, plain black collar...
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    predator sneaky sp4rj

    I have an sp4rj I bought from rodcar in february this year for $450.00. I don't know how he found an unused model, but it's as new. Has pre-cat 314 shaft, butt is 15.2 oz, shaft is 3.9 oz, and tip is 12.85mm. I had a local cuemaker make me a 30" z shaft that must have come from a partial, it...
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    Predator P2 refinished cue

    I have a completely refinished P2 by Proficient. It is black with a stacked leather wrap. Scott refinished it in September. One shaft lightly played (moori medium) for $550.00. A second shaft (moori medium) unchalked for $650.00. E-mail me at for pics and specs.
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    frey sneaky pete

    i bought this cue 20 years ago. It is a cocobolo, 19 oz, 13mm tips, both shafts from Bob Frey. Last year, he completely refinished it for me, but I haven't used it other than a few racks at home. I am so conditioned to a high end predator that I have, that I never was able to go back to the...
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    Bob Frey & Scruggs sneaky package

    I have a completely refinished Bob Frey with two shafts, Bob refinished it last year. I am the original owner (bought in 1995 with one shaft). I went to his shop in 1996 and had him make the se