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    Richie Rich Vs. Harry Platis

    Anyone know how they did gambling yesterday Richie giving Harry 2-1 in two ball one pocket ?
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    314 shafts to fit Joss

    I bought three 314 first generation shafts with the understanding that they would fit my Joss. I currently play with a 314-2 and it fits perfectly- snug- . The three shafts I purchased were originally for Jacobys but I was told they would fit my Joss (5-X16 X 14_. They screw on all right but do...
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    WTB Joss shafts

    I'm looking for some new or used Joss shafts 12.5 or less at a decent price. May even buy Joss sticks with several shafts included. Thanks, call 504-451-9603
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    Another win for Max

    Congratulations to Max Eberle on his latest win at Mountain View, California. Max is a great guy and a great player who I always pull for.:):eek::)
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    Jay's great book "Pool Wars"

    :thumbup: What a great read. I got my copy yesterday and read the entire book unable to put it down. What I found amazing was that Jay's life was so much like my own (same age, both pool room owners, both huge pool gamblers, both had two daughters, both with quite a bit of violence, both with a...
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    Bugs needs our help

    :p Please open your hearts and buy some raffle tickets to help Leonard "Bugs" Rucker who recently lost his leg to the deadly disease of diabetes. Bugs is a great champion who really needs our help so go to one and buy some raffle tickets, only ten bucks each, great prizes will be...
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    Who Are These Gangsters

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    Lil Joe's second video a winner

    :D I just got Lil Joe Villalpondo's second video at and he really has produced a great video on his clock system and his great understanding of the tangent line. Joe is a great player, and even greater teacher, and one of the finest humans I have ever had the pleasure of...
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    Little Joe DVD is a winner

    :D Joe Villalpondo has always been one of my favorite pool players and I got to watch his pool IQ DVD today on kicking and it was terrific. Joe is one of the very best I've ever seen teaching and his kick video shows you how simple kicking can be if you learn his system. On the video he has a...
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    IPT sold to reputed "gangster"

    :mad: Everyone knew it was too good to be true, everyone knew Mr. Trudeau was a con man who could sell anyone anything. At the players meeting Saturday it was reported that the London IPT event has been cancelled and the tour has been sold to a Mr. Ho who is an Asian billionaire who has been...
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    Non tournament in Starkville

    :D I think everyone who loves to gamble at pool and are bored with tournaments should attend this weekends non - tourney/gambling only event at Southern Billiards in Starkville, Mississippi, which is where Miss. State University is locatred. The great pool room is owned by Prof. Gilmer who...
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    Lil John beats Parica at Reno

    :D Lil John was losing 1-0 to Parica when Parica failed to make a ball in game two on the break. Lil John hit Parica with a seven pack and beat Jose 9-2. He has to play Corey at one am, hope another upset is in the cards. :D :confused: :D
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    Valley bar table, foosball for sale

    Have a valley 7 ft. bar table with custom built light & simonis cloth for sale for $775 and top og the line foosball table for $475, both in New Orleans area. Call HUmphrey at 985-449-0048, thanks :D :p :D
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    Sending me back to Playboy

    :p I haven't bought a Playboy magazine in several years but I will buy the issue you will be featured in. You are truly a gorgeous young lady who has blessed the pool world with your beauty and great ability. Hopefully this will open some doors for you, you certainly deserve the very best. :p...
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    Best of luck with Hurricane Dennis

    :p Want to wish all my friends on the Gulf Coast, esspecially Pelican and Gulfport Doc, the best of luck with a killer storm heading their way. May there be a minimal amount of loss of life, injury, and destruction. :) ;) :)
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    What happened in Boston stinks

    :mad: What happened to Lil John in Boston is the reason pool will NEVER get to be like golf or tennis. $34,000 just up and walked out the pool room when John went to the bathroom and his buddy was napping and nobody saw a thing. This is pitiful, the room owners and his opponent probably know...
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    pool book on sale

    :p Get an autographed final edition copy of "The Green Felt Jungle". Usually sells for $18.48, send a check or money order for $14.41 per copy which includes all shipping and handling. Called a "must read" by Pool and Billiard magazine's Tom Shaw, over 180 pages of pool war stories. Send check...
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    Action room in Kansas City ?

    Was wondering the name of the action room in the Kansas City area where David Matlock or James Walden would probably be playing ? :p
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    Buddy Hall still can play

    :p Even though he's about 60 and now down about 50 pounds from his 350 lb. high, Buddy Hall was unbelievable this weekend in New Orleans winning the Sports Center's nine ball tournament by double dipping Mike Black in the finals. 2. Mike Black 3. Erman Bullard 4. Ricky Power Sure wish...
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    New Orleans - $2500 added

    :p yup..yup..FRiday, Feb.11-13, race to 9 on bar boxes, $2500 added. Very good field expected (erman Bullard, Reed Pierce, Buddy Hall, Gabe Owens have all committed according to the tournament director Steve Brunies.The Sports Center, 3805 Hessmer Ave., Metairie, La. 70002, call 504-455-5533...