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    Is Ivor-X ferrule strong enough to break with?

    I have a J/B, don't like how it breaks, but it jumps well enough for me, so will keep carrying the jump part and using it as jumper. So... I have been looking for a dedicate (2nd hand) break cue for a while, then this thought came up .... "I have extra shafts that I seldom use, why not just...
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    This gorgeous is coming to me...

    No No not the furry gorgeous, the glossy gorgeous ... heehee :wink: The photo is a teaser! And guess who was the teased one? Me! My friend... couldn't you take several close-up photos to show me whole detail of this beauty? Instead you took this fuzzy photo, packaged my baby, and you shipped...
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    Simple test

    Pic test Something to say here :) Something to say there :)