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    Pete omen sneaky

    Sold...sold...Pete omen sneaky , 2 shafts . $400 obo 847-219-2175 text for pics
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    Predator road line 314 shaft

    Predator roadline sneaky with 314 shaft 12.75 searing tip 19oz $400 obo. 847-219-2175
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    Predator 8k1 - revo and 314-3

    Sold..Predator 8k1 with 314-3 and revo 12.4 $680. 847-219-2175. .. Sold...
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    Predator 8k1 forsale

    Predator 8k 1 forsale $400. Like new..314-3 shaft. 847-219-2175 for pics
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    Any pete omen sneaky petes for sale

    Any omen sneakys forsale 847-219-2175
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    Pete omen sneaky and predator roadline

    Sold. ..sold...Pete omen cue 2 shafts ..1 maple shaft 1 predator 314-3 with matching ring work...19oz ..rolls straight with both shafts ...the predator shaft is only test hit Predator road line - 19oz ...314-2 .rolls perfect Both cues $750 obo Text for pics 847-219-2175
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    Another Pete omen sneaky

    Sold...sold...Used Pete omen sneaky forsale...cocobolo into curly maple. Hope ring .. Cool ring work maple shaft 12.7 g2 medium tip One predator 314-3 matching ring work ..shaft test hit . 19 oz. $500 obo Text or call for pics ...847-219-2175
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    Omen sneaky pete forsale

    ...Sold ...sold...Ccocoboloc into curly mape .. Used ..some dings .. Rolls straight together and apart..needs a tip ...evn the cue havjnng a flattennnd out tip it still plays awasome..text for pics. 847 - 219- 2175
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    Complete package

    Mezz 4 pointer with wd700 shaft ..19 oz ...12.5 tip ..58 inche. ..mori tip ...united joint. Hits solid...cue rolls straight together and apart....has weight bolt.. Players jump break , 2x3 case ...$450 obo.. Will send pics if interested...847- 219- 2175
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    Pete omen sneaky test hit

    Sold..sold....hello i hav a test hit pete omen..hoppe style sneaky..2 shafts ..13mm 19oz. $480 text for pics 847-219-2175....sold
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    Schon cue 2 shafts

    Hi i have a nice older schon for sale...2 shafts 13mm 12.75 mm g2 tips 19oz....text for pics 847-219-2175
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    Wrapless bob runde

    Hi i have a bob runde cue for sale ..ebony wraples 4 points with bloodwood veneers or recut ..its a 4 point cue ...ivory joint 5/16 14 flat face ...19 oz ......2 shafts or text will send pics...dont know how to post pics on here....(847)219-2175
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    Spitz ebony cue and delta ebony cue

    Hi i have a awsome spitz cue for sale ,ebony davis blank ..2 shafts lizard leather wrap....beautiful cue hits amazing...1old growth and and 1 ld laminated shaft...also have a ebony delta south west copy....both cues priced for a quick sale ...will make a deal on both cues...... (847) 219-2175...
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    Paul dayton sneaky and case

    Hello i have a paul dayton purple heart sneaky and 2x3 white case......$480..... 2 shafts 12.9. ...18oz cue ultraskin medium tips....radial pin...... plays extremely well i just want somthing different....847-219-2175 tex me and will send pics