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  1. Juda4936

    WTB Rat Jump Cue

    I have a friend looking for a Rat Jump cue, his was Lost in Vegas. Thanks
  2. Juda4936

    Please show your Fancy Ring Work

    I want to see your fancy ring work
  3. Juda4936

    Rat Jump Cue

    I just got my new 3 piece Rat Jump cue and I love it. It is the best jumping cue I have ever used. And they look GREAT :thumbup::D:grin:
  4. Juda4936

    WTS Air Jump Cue

    In great shape no dings or bents SOLD I think every one know what they look like but I will get some picture tonight and post them tomorrow if it has not sold yet. Thanks for looking
  5. Juda4936

    WTB Rat Jump Cue

    I am looking for a Rat Jump cue with 2 piece handle, they jump GREAT:thumbup:
  6. Juda4936

    Custom Dishaw F/S

    Up for sale is my 2007 Dan Dishaw cue. This cue plays and looks awesome, but hard times have led me to this sale. This cue comes with 4 shafts: 2 Dishaw Shafts - Still in 100% condition 2 Predator 314^2 shafts with Sniper tips. These shafts are in 95%, some bluing from play. The forearm is...
  7. Juda4936

    Coker FS Wrapless W/ 314-2

    I have to sell one of my cues 18.5oz Coker Wrapless Coco with Maple hadle all straight together and apart 2 shafts 3/8 10 314-2 - cut 3/4" longer then standard with matching ring work Standard Coker shaft It has been my wifes player for two years, has a few dents but nothing throw the finish...
  8. Juda4936

    WTB Blue Diamond Chalk

    I love the stuff and would like some more:D 4 to 6 boxes I have money in my pay pal account ready to send, I will cover the pay pal fee :rolleyes: I only have 2 cudes left:frown:
  9. Juda4936

    Downey Cues

    I just recieved a Downey cue I ordered at the first of the year (well Dec). WOW, this cue is great, looks very, very, very good, I will post pictures tomorrow I had this same cue built by 2 other cue makers and neither looked 1/2 as good. The wood he used is very nice and his ring work is the...
  10. Juda4936

    FS Wrapless Capone This is the forum I purchased the cue from OR I got my newest cue so I am now selling this cue. It is one of the nicest looking wrapless cues I have seen with an orange...
  11. Juda4936

    FS or FT Dishaw

    I ordered this cue from Dan Dishaw and received it in December 2007; I had it built with a red/orange Cocobolo. The cue is very good condition, I only play once a week or so. Straight together and apart Great Player, one of the best playing cue I have played with, but do to financial reason I...
  12. Juda4936

    FS Wrapless Coker

    Selling a very nice Coco forearm and butt with Curly maple handle about 18.7 oz 1 Coker shaft with matching ring work 1 314-2 at 30" with matching ring work and only used for about 15 days, she liked the Coker shaft better (she got to much action with the Predator) Both shafts are straight and...
  13. Juda4936

    BK2 For Sale

    I'm Selling My BK2 It's about 16 months old about 18.7 oz In good shape, was my breaker tell I received my Stinger with SS Shaft Has a small ding about 5" from the butt (in Picture) and has been used Straight together and apart Shaft getting cleaned this week, so it will be like new Breaks...
  14. Juda4936

    Show me your SugarTrees

    Let see some of Eric's Great Looking Cues Thanks
  15. Juda4936

    Pictures of New Cue

    My new Cd's Cue is on the way and looks great, once I get it and shoot with it I will post a review and let you guys know how is shoots, how good or bad the fit and finish is, and my over all rating on Lee's work I can tel lyou this so far... He is great to work with He offers great prices The...
  16. Juda4936

    Pool in Maui

    I'm going to Maui in April for 7 days and will want to get out and shoot some pool, just for fun or in a tournament, but not money play. Is there any good places to go? Any Weekly Tournaments? I will be in Kihie Thanks for the info
  17. Juda4936

    CD's Cue Almost here

    Here are a few picture of my wifes new CD's Cue that should be here next week or so Lee is a very nice gut and easy to work with His cues are a very reasonable price One I have shot with it I will write a review Enjoy
  18. Juda4936

    Super Billiard Expo

    Super Billiard Expo A lot of you are going to SBE this year, I will not be going this year (I?ll be in Maui) but will be there next years Why do you go? To Play, To Look, to buy, to maybe buy? To Play; on the side or to play in the Tournaments To Look with maybe 20% chance of buying To...
  19. Juda4936

    Murnak Case

    Just got my Murnak Case and I love it:D :cool: :) Ordered on Nov 25th recieved Feb 13th The quality is second to done, and the packaging was like he ships glass Worth the wait:D Thanks Jim you are a great guy to work with
  20. Juda4936

    Stinger w/SS shaft

    Wow! What a great 9 ball break cue. I have only played a few hour with it and at first was dropping one ball and the cue was running all over I slowed my break down to 50% and now drop 2 to 4 ball and the cue stays in the center of the table:cool: (advice from Jerry Powers (maker of that cue)) I...