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  1. Rodney

    Shaft repair

    Anyone have any ideas how to fix this one?😂
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    Test test
  3. Rodney

    Screwed up a customers shaft for the first time

    Took me over 15 years to mess one up but I guess it was bound to happen. Chucked up the shaft turned the lathe on and the back chuck on my deluxe spun off and free wheeled on the shaft. I should have taken pics but I may have been too busy swearing! Note to self, after changing chucks, make...
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  5. Rodney

    6 pack of tp

    Will trade toilet paper for a custom cue.
  6. Rodney

    Tournaments near Venice FL.

    I have an in law that spends winters in Venice. Does anyone know somewhere nearby that has weekly tournaments? Thanks, Rodney
  7. Rodney

    G-core tip replacement

    Does a g core ferrule come with/need a tip pad? The ferrule has one now, does it come from the factory with one/need one? Customer wants a Kamui clear and I figured it would look funny to have the black pad then the clear. I looked on the Mcdermott website and couldn't find anything about a...
  8. Rodney

    Tournaments near Davenport, Florida??

    My father in law is down there for the winter, and is looking for tournaments around the Davenport area. I know he found one today in Claremont, it think it was Q's billiards or something similar. I'm going to be down there in a few weeks, and wouldn't mind playing some too. If anyone...
  9. Rodney

    Carpet tack strips

    A friend of mine decided to use carpet tack strips instead of staples to secure his cloth. Is this a good or bad idea, and why? Rodney
  10. Rodney

    Meucci weight bolts

    Anyone have any 5/8-18 weight bolts for a Meucci? I can find 3ft. rods, but I figured I'd ask here first. Thanks, Rodney
  11. Rodney

    Boston Billiards Nashua, C.C. USA

    Anyone want to meet and play some tonight in Nashua NH? Ive got some free time tonight, and was thinking I could make it around 8:30. I could also meet at the Country Club if there still open. Rodney
  12. Rodney

    APA in Tampa?

    I have a friend in Florida wondering if there are any APA teams around Tampa. He does not have a computer, so I figured I'd ask for him. If anyone has a team in Tampa, and is looking for a player, let me know. I'm not sure what his last handicap was, but he's definately a good 5, or a low 6...
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    test test.....
  14. Rodney

    Meucci ferrule

    What kind of ferrule material is used on Meucci shafts? Not the latest generation, just before that. I'm guessing it's pvc, or abs. Does anyone know? Thanks, Rodney
  15. Rodney

    Slate screws

    Does anyone have sone #16 x 3" screws they can sell me? I need them a.s.a.p., for my G.C.III. Rodney
  16. Rodney

    Mr. Wilson

    Would this be considered an ad hominem attack? So it's acceptable to call someone a fool, what about an idiot..... Where does the line stop? "I want to point out, that it is a clown act to take your private warning public. All you have now done is manage to piss me off. If you want to...
  17. Rodney

    1 in 50 chance to win a Moori

    I have one med. Moori tip from 7 years ago that I would like to auction off. 50 chances at .50 a piece. When this fills up, I will pull a # out of a hat to pick the winner! J/K Anyone else getting annoyed at these auctions. WTF Rodney
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  19. Rodney

    pool balls

    I'm looking for a good price on Bruswick Centennial, or Super Aramith pro balls. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rodney
  20. Rodney

    Prather blanks

    I have 8 Prather point blanks for sale. 5, 4 pointers, and 3 six pointers. The bocote 1 is .905 at the joint, all others are at least .935., and at least 12.25" long. The bocote one has 4 kingwood points, no veneers. I would like $250 shipped within conus. Rodney