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    Pool Library

    The 99 Critical Shots in Pool - Ray Martin The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustler- Freddy ‘The Beard” Bentivegna Blue Book of Pool Cues - First, Second andThird Editions in Soft Cover Blue Book of Pool Cues- Third Edition in Hard Cover Winning One Pocket- Eddie Robin Shits, Moves and Strategies- Eddie...
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    Meucci Ultra Weapon Pro Shaft

    Looking for the above mentioned shaft at 30” with a 3/8x10 thread.
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    Steve Klapp

    What happened to Steve Klapp? A very talented up and coming Cuemaker.
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    Cosmo Tips

    Any reviews on the above mentioned tips?
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    Bed Extension

    I am thinking in getting the Taig Micro Lathe. I would like to know where I can find and how I can add a bed extension so the end of a shaft can rest while working on tips.
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    A “rattle” in the shaft

    How to determine where the “rattling” comes from and how to fix it?
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    Ron Haley

    Looking for a Wrapless Ron Haley. Please contact me if one is available. Regards, Manuel Preferably the cue in the photo.
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    Big Foot Results

    Where I can find out scores and results of the above mentioned competition at the Derby?
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    Michael Morgan Titlist

    This is a true Brunswick Titlist. So old that the wood color appeared oxydized. It has a light grey color tone. Very rare. Butt is 13.8 oz at 29” Both shafts are 30” $1500 Overnight shipping within the USA No Trades For more info call me at 973-943-3685(NJ) I
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    I would like to change the thread on my name xtension. How can I use G10 materialadinsert to re thread the extension to the new thread?
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    Ball Cleaner

    Looking for a good used ball cleaner. PM please.
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    Butt: 31” long at 16.2 oz. Shaft 1 : 29” at 3.7 oz. 12.77mm Shaft 2 : 29” at 3.6 oz. 12.80 mm All white is the good stuff. All brown is the real good Rosewood. Blood wood and Purpleheart veneers Ring work is 12 slot, hand inlaid with maple chains set into Ebony. Titanium Pin Mint Condition $4200...
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    Schon LTD 1314

    Looking to buy this cue.
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    Schon Cue

    Looking for a Wrapless, no Plain Jane and preferably a Runde era Schon.
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    Corey’s latest poolcue

    Anybody have pictures of the cue?
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    Liberan Wax Polish Bison

    Can it be use in the entire cue ( Butt and shaft )?
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    Can someone tell me how to go about leaving a feedback on a transaction? I forgot.., sorry.
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    Middle Extension

    Who can make me a 2” middle Extension in which the female side would be a 3/8-10 Flat Minor Thread and the male side would be a Radial Pin. I will be using Predator Z S Tuned Shafts. The Newsheriff in town apparently is out of town as I am unable to communicate with him.
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    What type of pin?

    Is this a 3/8-10 Flat Minor Pin?
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    High Rock Extension Kit

    $150 ( 3 pieces ) for P3 Predator Cues For pics please send me your Email Unable to download pics here. 973-943-3685 SOLD