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    House cues for sale

    6 Dufferin,22 sterling, 12 action ,4 trouble shooter 44 cues in all , all cues are straight, like new cond ,pick-up only south jersey $325
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    one piece house cue

    For sale Dufferin-$15 , Sterling-$10 , Action-$10 Various Size & Weights pick-up only. Little egg harbor, N.J. ,Have about 40 cues in all, STRAIGHT and excellent cond. call 609-489-3167
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    cue locker for sale

    Eight lockers two cues in each locker.Reduced price of $300 pick up only South Jersey
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    Time stamp for room Operator

    Rapid print time stamp,Model#AR-E,New cond (used) W/Key and current time wheel,and extra ribbon, $150 Delivered
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    Cue locker

    Made very well,Holds 16 cues, 8 lockers, able to padlock each locker,Letters on top can be easily removed,Pick-up only south jersey,$300 H "62 1/2 x w "52 x d "5 inches
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    Blue Book of Cues 3rd Edition

    New,With shipping,$29.00 Thanks for looking, Jon
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    Very smooth transaction

    Sold one 8x4 Pro-am to a young man today.And I must say by having a one piece slate table made a big difference in moving this table. I have this table stored on its side on a custom dolly and the buyer came in a rented small lift tail gate truck,and the loading of the table went without any...
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    45 House cues

    one piece house cues for sale in South jersey,Dufferin,Sterling,Action,cues of various sizes and weights,All in very good cond.$445 Will throw in wall racks. Thanks Jon
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    Mixed Bag

    Atrox tip tool,tapper,Q-wiz,Diamondback wrap cleaner,and shaft cleaner,cue toxin,shadow tip pick,Magic cloth.all new in wrapper shipped $45.00
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    Whats the deal with this....

    Would an 8`Foot Diamond pro-am really Wreck your game if it was in your game room, give me a break I just wish I had the room for that table .
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    cone talc holder

    with two cones of talc, holder is Black with Lion ring back.$12 Bucks, free shiping, Jon
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    Cue locker $400

    8 lockers 2 cues per locker ,very well made, A good way to secure your cues, Lettering can be easily removed.
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    pool stuff

    Atrox tip tool,Shadow tip tool,magic cloth,Black tapper,Aramith ball cleaner,Diamondback Toxin,Wrap cleaner, cue clean, all brand new still in wrappers. Retail $60,Sell $40 and I will ship . Jon
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    blue book of cues

    3rd Edition New,$27.00 shipped.
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    Stocking Stuffers

    Atrox tip tool, sahdow tip tool, Diamondback toxin,cue clean,wrap cleaner,tapper, aramith ball cleaner, all brand new in wrapping,free ship, $50 jon.
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    Christmas Stuffer Stuff

    Shadow tip tool, tapper, Diamondback cue toxin, Irish linen wrap cleaner, cue clean, 8 pices of chalk. everyihing new worth $40 sell $20 free ship
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    Diamond for sale

    Pro-Am 8x4 Diamond w/ 860 blue,pro-cut pokets,return,Matching Diamond light,super pro balls,Diamond rack,cover,bridge, This table ships in one piece and is on a dolly ready to roll. Only one year old like new cond. $2,800 for one or $10,000 for all four.
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    This is it !

    Four one year old Diamond 4x8 pro-am`s blue cloth,pro-cut pokets,ball return,w/matching Diamond light,pro balls,cover,bridge,diamond rack,like new cond,$2800 each or $10,000 for all four,you will not see this offer again after the end of this month. thank you JON
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    Diamond pro-am 8x4

    with matching diamond light ,simonis 860 tournament blue cloth,pro-cut pokets, one year old like new,located in south jersey, $2,800, call 609-489-2167
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    Liquidating pool hall

    price reduction,Diamond pro-am`s 8x4 ,tourm blue,simions 860,ball return, Diamond matching light,Beautiful tables,less than one year old,$3,000 call 609-489-3167 firm on price....