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  1. blackda

    Cue maker?

    Wondering if someone can tell me who this is? Thanks in advance
  2. blackda

    Blue Book of Pool Cues 1-3

    I am interested, Pm sent
  3. blackda

    Wanted - Schon STL19

    Looking to purchase a Schon STL19 cue.
  4. blackda

    Schon joint protectors

    Does anyone have the discontinued rounded, black joint protectors that Schon used to sell? I would really like to have about 4 sets. PM me please if you have some you are willing to part with. Thanks
  5. blackda


    So I'm in Nashville tonight and tomorrow. Is there anywhere to shop for pool cues? Nashville patio and Kincade's are closed. Please help me get my pool fix!
  6. blackda

    WTB TS Sneaky

    Looking for a complete and original Tim Scruggs sneaky pete. Preferences - wood to wood 5/16x14 joint, 18-19 oz., 12.25-12.5 mm tip. Let me know what you have Thanks Dan
  7. blackda

    Schon R6 with sharp points

    Selling one of my shooters to fund new project. Check it out!
  8. blackda

    Schon JB-1

    Schon JB-1 for Sale $400 obo. Selling to fund new cue project. Butt is gray in color. I am selling this JB-1 with a regular Schon shaft as well. Think about it! This could be the ultimate cue for someone. Break, jump and playing cue all in one! This cue is used and therefore shafts may have...
  9. blackda

    Schon Runde R6

    Schon R-6 $1200 shipped, selling to fund new cue project. Cue is a player not a museum piece. Has a few bumps and bruises but in good condition considering it's age. Both shafts have slight taper roll also. Butt 15.9oz 30" shaft Micarta ferrule, Kamui clear soft tip, 4.3oz, approximately...
  10. blackda

    looking for a lathe

    I was wondering if either of these lathes would work for cleaning shafts and doing tip replacements. This is mainly for my own personal use. Would there be any additional parts I would need?
  11. blackda

    Ball In Hand question

    So player A scratches, giving player B BIH. Player B places ball near side pocket . In positioning the CB with the shaft of his stick, player B accidentally knocks the CB in the side pocket. Does player A now have BIH? Or because player B accidentally knocked it in "without forward contact with...
  12. blackda

    Titlist, Hoppe Pro or blank?

    I am gathering up some ideas on a cue build and need advice. I want a cue maker to build me a old school style playing cue. I really love the old titlist and Hoppe Pro cues. My delema is... Do I buy and use an old Titlist or Hoppe Pro, for the nostalgic effect? Or Do I start with a custom...
  13. blackda

    Predator Willie Hoppe case for sale

    Check out my stuff for sale on eBay... Ad # 221321927583 for the Predator Willie Hoppe case and ad # 221321912669 for the Rauenzahn cue. Selling due to health issues.
  14. blackda

    Jerry Rauenzahn for sale

    Check out my stuff for sale on eBay... Ad # 221321912669 for the Rauenzahn cue and ad # 221321927583 for a Predator Willie Hoppe case. Selling due to health issues.
  15. blackda

    Items for sale

    Please check out my eBay listings. I have some Delta racks, a couple of Brunswick Hoppe Pro's and a old Brunswick case. I also have a nice Schon Hoppe Tribute.
  16. blackda

    1/2 joint

    So why do some cue makers use what is called a half (1/2) joint?
  17. blackda

    WTB Predator Willie Hoppe

    Would like to have one with the case.
  18. blackda

    Brass joint ?

    I shoot with a late 60's Hoppe Pro and am considering having it redone. I like the look of the Pro's and Titlist's I've seen. Part of me is scared to change the cue because I love the way it shoots. If i decide tompull the trigger on this here is my list of concerns... 1.) Is there a reason no...
  19. blackda

    Calligraphy on cue

    I am wanting to personalize my cue... I saw some pics of some old cues by Rambow with calligraphy writing on the forearm. I think it looks awesome. How is the easiest way to do calligraphy on a cue?
  20. blackda

    Deal Gone Bad...I'll bend, but I will not be taken for a sucker.