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  1. howaboutnever

    Cuemaker, Garten Bierbower at SBE.???

    ...anybody know what booth he’s at?....thanks,VR
  2. howaboutnever


    Cue: 18.9 oz 2-shafts: 12.3 mm
  3. howaboutnever


    This is da picture
  4. howaboutnever


  5. howaboutnever

    email for Ned Morris?

    I’ve got a cue of his and a question about the ring got a way to reach him?.....thank you,VR
  6. howaboutnever

    Sandcastle 9/24/17 one pocket....?

    Who won?.....thanks,VR
  7. howaboutnever

    Paging Danny Harriman

    Left a Pm on AZB for Danny...I want a "351" if you know Danny tell him to check his PM's. Thanks,VR
  8. howaboutnever

    Seattle poolrooms

    Name some u like...I need a list thanks,VR
  9. howaboutnever

    Mosconi & Caras in new movie

    Listen up..they appear at 23:51 in the film "It follows". VR
  10. howaboutnever

    2 cues (predator/lucasi) for sale

    greetings... these are 2 cues I'm posting for a friend one is a sneaky pete Predator with an OB1 shaft it's 19 oz and has a radial pin... some work was done to it by a Texas cuemaker...the price is $190 the second...
  11. howaboutnever

    runarak....solid citizen!!

    ..just bought a beautiful fanelli butterfly from joe....a seemless transaction, good communication via phone and e-mail,cue delivered quickly and packed securely...I couldn't be happier...joe's the guy to deal with. vr