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    Dangerous trick shot question

    We have all seen the shot I've tried this with a box about 6 times. A little bottom seems to make it roll down the face, little top makes it fly away and a faster shot. Anyways I thought I should ask for any friendly advice before I...
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    Cue balance point

    I'm in the market for a nice players cue I'm wondering about the balance point of a cue and if Mosconni actually adjusted his. He is the only one I have ever heard make a reference to the balance point. Mcdermott makes a cue with an adjustable weight. Is this is something that is taken into...
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    New group for pool development

    You can find a new group dedicated to the development of pool in the United States at Please join and help out today!
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    For your review,

    As part of my master plan to rebuild the popularity of pool and out of my own desire to have a set of rules I can play with to avoid conflicts like some of you have described I created... The site is also intended for casual players and for folks to just have fun. (I'm...
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    testing the poll system

    Do you think Madonna ever had a monkey fly out her ass?
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    Alex Pagulayan looses to pattern racking

    Alex Pagulayan looses to pattern racking? Remember him loosing on the lag? Well put on your tin foil hats folks because here we go! In this video Alex never gets a shot and well that's because the hot chick was pattern racking for the hot guy...
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    Alex Higgins language question

    I would like to quote something Mr. Higgins said. During the John Virgo loopy show he says something I thought was interesting but i can't make it out well enough to quote him either in or out of context. I also don't know if this was something he said multiple times. this is set to start...
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    Table and room lights

    I'm looking for LED style lights for 8 nine foot tables and something for the wall ceiling border to act as background light. Enough room for a LED strip up there and not much more. New only. Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated.
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    Pool room lighting

    I'm working on the lighting for the room and the tables which are all 9ft and a couple 7 footers. Currently they are old style bulbs and the same for the room lighting. (T-?/outdated, I want to forget style) Can anyone refer me to the proper LED lights to use over the 9ft'ers? is there a...
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    Hot weather cue care

    I'm located in Michigan where we will get a few hot days this year but nothing like other places. I carry a set or two of balls along with my cues and I'm always concerned about the cold messing things up. We did hit -36 this year. I really have no idea about the effects of heat on balls...
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    Pool chalk recovery system

    I was asked if it was possible to recover used chalk by someone and I found this. I find it kinda funny that someone to lazy to walk around the table or keep track of their chalk would have enough time to get a patent like this done.. but well here is it...