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  1. Testa

    ISO: Mezz Zz09 with original shaft

    I’m only interested in the ZZ09 - I let my Mezz ZZ09 go years ago and want one back Willing to pay up to $450 depending on condition
  2. Testa

    Charlotte, NC

    I will be in Charlotte at the end of June for a couple days, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any pool halls where they have a steady stream of sociable action ($20-$50 a rack one pocket) (Race to 2 for $50 short rack banks) ( Race to 5 for $20-$50 10 ball). I'm just...
  3. Testa

    MEZZ WD700 Shaft 5/16 14
  4. Testa

    9 Pin question

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category but - I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy the Pins for Italian 9 pin or 5 pin - I've found a couple websites but none are in the US. Any help would be appreciated thank you!
  5. Testa

    Advice needed- Shaft sent for repair over 3 months ago

    Hello- I'm looking for any suggestions on my situation- On November 3rd 2010 my local pool hall owner shipped my predator Ikon 2 ( which had a slight warp in the butt) and my predator Z shaft to predator to replace a ferrule. I know from times past that generally predator takes about 3...
  6. Testa

    Nit Shirt

    Can anyone tell me where to find the shirt ""You're a nit. I didn't say you're a bad guy, I just said you're a nit." I know I seen Chris Bartram wearing it. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!
  7. Testa

    When the line is not straight

    I was playing a partners one hole match and a funny situation came up. My partner followed the ball in when making a ball in our opponents hole - When something came up that has never happened to me before ... There was a ball on the line and it was just over half to the good for them -...