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  1. Poolplr501

    ED Young, Predator Special Edition, Becue and a Hanshew jump cue for sale!

    #1 Ed Young cue with 3 shafts, cue is in great condition, minor finish marks, shafts are good. These cues are almost impossible to get or find for sale, will not last long. Butt 15.35 oz, 30 inch long, Shafts are 3.84 Oz, 30 inch long $2000 or best offer #2 Predator SE14, #34 of 100...
  2. Poolplr501

    9 FT Gold Crown for sale: $ 1400 OBO

    9 ft Gold Crown with ball polishers and two sets of balls, one set is Cyclops balls. Will take $1400 or best offer, table is located in Huntsville, Al, must be disassembled... Call or TXT 210-639-9701
  3. Poolplr501

    Diamond wood butt with 2 Becue Prime M shafts 12.4 M, 31 inch for sale

    Diamond wood butt with 2 Becue Prime M shafts 12. 4 MM, 31 inch and 8 inch extension for sale $ 1200 OBO The butt was built by Jeff Tucker, the Shafts are radial joint with G2 tips standard Becue weigh for the shafts. Yes I will sell each piece separate, I also have a first generation...
  4. Poolplr501

    New Shaftmaster lathe for sale $600 OBO

    New Shaft Master lathe with all accessories, never used for $600 OBO TXT if you want a pic or talk about the price... 210-639-9701
  5. Poolplr501

    2 Becue Prime M shafts 12.M, 31 inch for sale

    I have 2 slightly used Becue Prime M Shafts, Radial joints with G2 medium tips 450 each, both are 31 inches long... txt or call 2106399701
  6. Poolplr501

    2 Becue Prime M shafts 12.5, 31 inch for sale

    I have two slightly used Prime M 12.5, 31 inch radial joint shafts with G2 medium tips on them. I will take 550 each or 1000 for both. 210-639-9701
  7. Poolplr501

    Revo (2) 12.4 radial joint $ 625 or OBO each

    I have two 12.4 Revo Radial joints, both slightly used, not sure I have the bags, but I have the wipes... Both in almost new conditions, but if you need pics I can send them... Txt or call 210-639-9701 if interested.... I will have them at the music city open and the Derby if I still have...
  8. Poolplr501

    Jacoby Custom Cue with REVO shaft $2000 OBO

    I have a beautiful Jacoby Custom cue with the new hybrid pro shaft, equipped with a two piece molinari extention system and a 12.4 REVO shaft for $1700 OBO. Also, a purple heart break jump with two shafts is part of the deal.... I will not sell the Revo separately..... TXt or call...
  9. Poolplr501

    Mike Bender cue package $2000 a steal!!!!!

    10 point Mike Bender with 2 original shafts plus a 3 inch extension (3/8/14 on one end and radial on the other) and a white Becue shaft. Also included is a Purple heart Break jump cue with 2 shafts and I throw in the cue tech jump cue for the awesome price of $2000, and not a dime lower, so...
  10. Poolplr501

    Predator SE 25 with 12.4 Revo shaft $2000

    Hello, I have a new Special Edition SE 25 Predator Alchemy made by Mezz with a 12.4 Revo and new 314 shaft. This cue is #39 of 50. SOLD firm, only will consider trades for an Omega DPK interested txt me at 2106399701
  11. Poolplr501

    For sale: BK Rush sports wrap and uni lock Revo

    SOLD>>>>>>SOLD I have a BK rush sports wrap and uni lock Revo shaft for sale (12.4). I will have both at the Derby...Call 2106399701 Both are slightly used almost new, I will take 680 for the BK and 475 for the Shaft. I also have an old Gina cue with original case.....
  12. Poolplr501

    Gina Cue for sale $3300 OBO

    Hello all, This is an old Gina Cue (maybe 50 years) in excellent condition and plays like a dream with the original shaft or the edge hybrid. The Cue comes with a Whitten leather case made for the cue and one original shaft and one 31 inch 12.5 mm edge hybrid shaft with matching rings. 19oz...
  13. Poolplr501

    Diamond oversized 8ft pool table, $2000

    I have an oversize 8ft Diamond pool table, it is located in Huntsville Alabama. The table is in great condition, rails changed 5 month ago and it has a set up balls. I will take $2000 and you have to pick it up.... No light.... Call 210-639-9701
  14. Poolplr501

    Omega DPK for sale $3500

    Hello I have an awesome OMEGA DPK for sale, these cues are very hard to find, especially the ones with the piano keys.... It has 7 shafts and a 9 inch extension that attaches with a half turn (made by Authur Cues in Germany). BUTT: 30 inch Shafts: 2 original shafts one 29 1/5, 13mm, one 29 1/5...
  15. Poolplr501

    Omega DPK for sale

    I have a nice 5 point Omega DPK for sale. Black elephant ear wrap, two original shafts that are 13mm and two Jacoby Edge Hybrid shafts with black rings that are 11.75mm. The cue also has a custom 8 inch extension. Excellent condition and the weight is currently 18.7 oz but can be changed to...
  16. Poolplr501

    Awesome keith josey for sale

    I have an awesome Keith Josey for sale, 3 shafts, one original, one Ob and one Edge hybrid, all with matching rings. Also an 10 inch extension with point that match the cue plus Josey shirts and a magazine with Josey holding the cue..... Cue was refinished by Keith Josey a few months ago when...
  17. Poolplr501

    Tournaments in Asia

    Anyone know how to sign up and play in events in Asia. The tournamnet I am referring to is the All Japan world 10 ball championship in November...
  18. Poolplr501

    ED YOUNG 6 Point cue for sale

    6 Point ED Young, made of African Burbanga, King and Holly wood, and you have to play with it to believe how good it hits, it will make you use your old cue for firewood. Check out the picks, 4 shafts, two original and two OB, all done by ED Young and Kersenbrock. Two OBs have around 10 hours...
  19. Poolplr501

    Kersenbrock Omega DPK for Sale

    Omega DPK-- has 5 shafts, 2 original, 2 OB Pro and one 13mil shaft made by ED Young and Kersenbrock, yes he is still doing some work with ED. It is one of the old school Omega DPK's with the flared butt. I will take $2500 or the best reasonable offer. If you are interested I will send the...