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    Straight Pool Question

    Watching the 10 Ball match between Jason Shaw and C. Tevez the guys announcing the match indicated that during Shaws 714 ball run that he used a magic rack instead of a triangle. They stated that John Schmidt was gonna take a shot at 1000 with a magic rack. Do you straight pool players think the...
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    Chinese Pool

    Hey The tables they used were really nice looking. Why don’t they have diamonds on the rails. Just curious, maybe I missed them Thanks
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    I ran into a short (10 min) clip of the Hustler movie starring Kevin Cline as (Fast Eddy), John Candy as (Min Fats) was good for a laugh. I gotta find something to do besides UTube
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    Pool Places In Omaha,NE

    Going to be this weekend, any safe places to play
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    Snooker Glasses

    For all you guys/gals that can't do lasik or wear contacts. I just received my new snooker glasses and they are great. I ordered online from and I thought they are reasonably priced, took about a week from ordering to delivery.
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    Places to play Sante Fe, NM

    Anyone know the best places to play in Santa Fe, NM. I will be there over a weekend soon. Thanks
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    I need your prayers

    My beautiful wife of 41yrs. is in Hospice with stage 4 lung cancer, she is always asked "Did you smoke" the answer is no, why do people have to be so thoughtless? Does it make the pain any less if she smoked? Please send us all the prayers we sure need them God Bless
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    Any info on Joe Smiley

    Just curious I was stationed with Joe at Ft. Hood back in the sixties just curious as to how he may be today. Thanks
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    Seyberts Billiards

    Just purchased a new Predator 314-2 from Seyberts. They had good price, delivery on time, everything just like you would expect. Nice people. Thanks
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    One Pocket Champ

    Les What is the status of the old guys at Clicks Arlington. Do you still play there? What about Hebert, Charlie, Roger, Sarge. I retired about five years ago and have often wondered about those guys. Later