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  1. TBON21

    ~Celtic Dragon~

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing!
  2. TBON21


    If you're still in the market I have one as well.
  3. TBON21

    WTB James White Shaft

    Looking for a stitched ring shaft 13mm or close to it. Ivory or non-Ivory ok. Send pics and specs to my cell. Thank you in advance. Tony (602)329-8289
  4. TBON21

    WTB Predator Fat Shaft 5/16x14

    Looking to buy a Predator Fat Shaft 5/16x14. Doesn't have to be brand new , just free of damage and straight. (as close to full as possible) Please PM or post pics and specs. Thanks
  5. TBON21

    WTB Older Joss Shaft

    Looking for an older Joss shaft with plain black collar and the old 1" ferrule. shaft must be straight and as close to 13mm as possible. Please PM me or email me at Thank you
  6. TBON21

    FS Schon STL4

    For sale is a great condition Schon STL4 with 2 shafts Everything rolls straigh together and apart. Specs: Butt weighs 15.0 oz (small finish bubble in butt) Shaft 1 Schon IV 4.2oz 12.75mm Kamui black soft tip (ivory ferrule shows hairline crack but still has solid hit) does "NOT" effect play...
  7. TBON21

    LTB Schon(Runde) R-6

    Looking to buy a Schon (Runde) R-6. Would like to see what's out there. Please pm or email pics and specs to Thanks in advance
  8. TBON21

    WTB Schon Shaft

    Looking to buy a Schon shaft. Not really looking for a brand new one. I would like to find an older (seasoned) 13mm Schon shaft, free of dings and dents and must roll straight. Please pm or email offers. Thank you
  9. TBON21

    WTB Schon Shaft

    Looking for a new / used Schon shaft as close to 13mm as possible. Will also look at Schon IV shafts. Shafts must be straight and ding free. Tip is not really a concern. Please pm me with any offers or email me at
  10. TBON21

    Joss & Predator Shafts FS / FT

    1. Joss (newer but used) shaft 29", 12.75mm, 4.1oz factory tip $80 shipped & insured (conus) (bought this from ToomnyQs a short time ago, decided to go a different way so this is no longer needed) 2. Predator 314-2 with a Schon pilot 29", 12.6mm, 3.7oz Ultraskin med tip $SOLD shipped and...
  11. TBON21

    WTB Joss Shaft

    Looking to buy a new or used Joss shaft. Must be straight and min. 12.75 mm Please pm me or send photos and specs to Thank you
  12. TBON21

    FS Pat Diveney Sneaky Pete

    FS 2011 Pat Diveney Sneaky Pete Purpleheart and figured birdseye maple. In great condition. Total weight just under 19oz, 12.8mm shaft with kamui black soft tip. Radial Pin Butt and shaft roll straight together and apart. I can provide exact specs if needed. (sorry in advance for crappy pics)...
  13. TBON21

    FS Diveney Sneaky Pete

    FS 2011 Pat Diveney Sneaky Pete Purpleheart and birdseye maple 19oz shaft measures (at base of ferrule) 12.91mm Radial pin The cue rolls straight together and apart. Shaft has some blueing, cue has a small ding in the finish at the butt (seen in pic) Looking for $300 shipped and insured...
  14. TBON21

    Predator BK2 FS

    Predator BK2 great condition. 19oz, 58" with linen wrap cue rolls straight together and apart. Asking $250 shipped and insured conus
  15. TBON21

    WTB lightly used BK2

    Looking to buy a lightly used Predator BK2 No preference on wrap or wrapless
  16. TBON21

    FS/FT J Flowers tribute 3x6

    I have for sale or trade a J Flowers tribute case 3x6 Cigar style, Black & Burgandy with dust cover. Case is in very good condition. If more pics are needed just shoot me a PM Asking $300 shipped conus or trade for a nice break cue. Thanks for looking
  17. TBON21

    Josey fancy sneaky

    Trying to figure out how to post pics, just thought i would share. 2008 Josey "Nave Knife" Curly purpleheart and birdseye maple Timeless timber shaft with ivory ferrule (kamui black soft tip) Hits a Ton
  18. TBON21

    BCM Bryan Mordt for sale

    I have a 2010 BCM sneaky pete for sale. Excellent cond. Specs: Cocobolo into straight maple, 58", 19.2 oz, 12.75mm shaft. Bryan's signature ringwork at joint and butt cap. Looking to get $350 insured and shipped in cont. us. I appologize now, I don't know how to upload the pics. I'm more than...
  19. TBON21

    Lambros Sneaky

    Any Lambros sneaky's out there? Thanks.