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  1. Gregg

    Is there a better way?

    I there a better way to describe a cue's hit, other than; 1)Hits like a ton of bricks! 2)Sweet
  2. Gregg

    What time is too late to play pool on a weeknight?

    I'm know I'm becoming an old head, but my league night started at 7:30, and at night. On a Tuesday. I have a family at home. Work. I really don't want to be out late at night, driving around town with paperwork to drop off before heading home. And once, I'm at home, it's...
  3. Gregg

    Get behind me, Burt, I CAN'T LOSE!

    I'm taking on all comers, and have a rock solid two match winning streak going, ripping through APA SL4s and SL5s like a hot knife through butta. I'm looking for my next challenge, and am bursting the seams with beaming confidence. My level of play is rad to the power of sick, and my Samsara...
  4. Gregg

    Wonder if any pros got their start playing bumper pool?

    Wonder if anybody (willing to admit) got their feet wet in pool on a bumper pool table?
  5. Gregg

    Should we have a separate sub-forum for call outs and bashing the pros?

    When I'm in the mood to read a good call out or pro player bashing, sometimes I have to sift through a couple of pages of "what's the best tip out there" before arriving at a thread I'm looking for. Sometimes, reading about big time staked games that usually have very little chance of ever...
  6. Gregg

    Learned someone I do a lot of business with is a player!

    I had the pleasure of learning that someone I speak with about once or twice a day for the past five or six years is an avid pool player and collector. Kind of guy who built his basement around his Gold Crown III, owns lots of collector cues, memorabilia, magazine subscriptions, and has a...
  7. Gregg

    Youtube: Earl Strickland vs Keith McCready 1988 Part one of seven. Simply click onto next "Related video" to continue onto the second video, then the third, etc. I'm 34, and have NEVER seen Keith McCready play until that video. It's easy to see why people talk about unused talent. I've also...
  8. Gregg

    ***OFFICIAL*** Review: Play Better Pool: Mastering The Basics with S. Lee and Randy G

    I really don't want to give a grade on this video, just express what it has to offer, and why you might be interested. First off, I did attend Scott Lee's Pool School, and most of the material he and Randy G cover in this DVD is redundant with the class. This, IMO, is a good thing. That...
  9. Gregg

    Mini Impromptu AZ billiards gathering last night

    After Scott Lee was finished an all day class with Calvin (need to find his on line AZ handle), we played some ring games of ten ball. It was a blast, and I also was able to purchase a copy of Scott's new instructional video direct! Some people just make you want to play better, and their...
  10. Gregg

    Don't miss these Joe Tucker videos about sidespin!@#

    Check out these videos. Like finding a treasure chest filled with gold;
  11. Gregg

    Checking the rack

    After viewing the widely discussed Joe Tucker's DVD "Racking Secrets" I have now become a rack checker, myself. As Joe covers, this can be an issue for some players, even if I have NEVER asked for a re rack in my life, and am only glancing over the rack for no longer than a few seconds...
  12. Gregg

    I have a weak side on cut shots

    I seem to constantly over cut shots when shooting to the right. I'm left handed, and feel that some may have the same issue, but to the left, if you will. The same mirror image to the opposite side seems easy, I can see it feel it, but my weak side at times makes me feel like I'm shooting to a...
  13. Gregg

    "Hey, where's your break cue?"

    Last night, my teammate asked me "Hey Gregg, where's your break cue?" My response? "It's in my cue case." And that was all I had to say about that. I don't need to sit around and worry about someone who will not care for my equipment like I would. My Sledgehammer has already struck a table...
  14. Gregg

    Shot at places like these?

    Shot last night at a bar where the kitchen was closed due to the cook being arrested on drug distribution charges. Bathroom, the size a broom closet, normally has two people coughing, wheezing, and sniffing heavily in the toilet stall. Hand written sign on the back of the bathroom stall door...
  15. Gregg cover story about Danny Basavich

    This is the cover of Philadelphia Weekly, a large print weekly newspaper circulated throughout the city; Here is the link to the on line featured version, Right on Cue, by G.W. Miller III
  16. Gregg


    If you can't feel this, then you don't have a pulse!@#
  17. Gregg

    Fellow AZers: Stop Following Me!@#

    It happened again; I show up for a tournament outside of my local shooting area, and another shooter recognizes me from the AZ. Second time this has happened. And believe me, it's not because my game precedes me. You can PM the guys who saw me out shooting!:p
  18. Gregg

    three rail kick shot using fixed point

    Does someone have that diagram that showed how to kick three rails, using the second diamond and a fixed object in the room as a reference where to aim the cue on on first rail? I seem to have lost mine, and forget how to do it. Thanks in advance!
  19. Gregg

    THE NUTS-AZ style

    Mods, please Sticky this thread. Everyone in attendance should be well aware of this info. before posting; -This magic formula should be studied; OB-1>314^2 -Old growth rings make the very best shafts -Morri is so yesterday; Sniper is the new Morri -Don't bother showing up if you don't know...
  20. Gregg

    Worst match you played-And still won

    I was playing (if you could call it that) the other night, and simply could not pocket a ball, everything was off, all wrong. Sometimes you just know when you are off, with nobody to back you up. Race to four, I made all my balls and sank the eight ONCE, in the sixth game of the match, only...